A View from the Bottom


A buddy of mine has got a book out that’s doing well. Today, I start to watch “Empire”, a full week behind and whatnot cause, as you know, my cable’s off so I’m at the Library on E. Kingsbridge surfing their wifi and I notice the name of another cat I know in the credits. I had to scroll back. Yep. That was him. It was a conflicting feeling. This dude was fucked up in the game the last time I’d seen him. On the train, straggling and complaining about how the company we used to work for owed him money. The time before that, he’d pulled up beside me in a new BMW; fine Spanish mami in the passenger’s seat. Life’s a roller-coaster, right? Whatever. That shit don’t evoke no sentiment when you’re on the bottom. And it seems like on the bottom is where you’ll stay. Thing is, I’m starting to think we’re oblivious when we’re rocking, you know?  I’m starting to think that when shit’s going well for us, we don’t pay attention to the fucked up shit that’s happening to other people if only because we think their negative energy will bring us down a bit. Lord knows, I have rocked. I’ve been that dude at that time and all things were going right for me and it didn’t seem like it would stop because it didn’t seem like it could. But it can stop. And it does.

So what do you do? How do you handle it? Do you turn cheerleader and hope that some of the positive vibes that you’re sending out will resonate and that niggas will appreciate the “love” and help you out of your depths? Or do you hate? Fuck ‘em. They suck. The only reason they’re rocking right now is cause you’re in a slump. They wouldn’t even eat if you were hungry. Life goes in circles and the clock is ticking. Or, do you get back on your grind, oblivious to what’s going on in the world? This has gotta be the toughest choice of the three cause, like I said, I already see those I know slaying dragons and murdering stones and whatnot. Should I pretend to ignore that shit? And Facebook don’t help at all. Fuck it. That makes it seem like ever nigga ever born is currently standing atop the Pyramids taking selfies. Just got a Facebook friend request confirmed by this big booty bitch I used to be in love with. Took the bitch about year to get back to me. Thing is, when I was in love with her, I was still with my ex-girl so I never did make any real moves in that direction. So I’m clicking through the bitch’s pics, and who do I see but some other big-booty-bitch-turned-dyke that I also used to be in love with. Turns out, I guess, they know each other. Small world, huh? Not when you’re looking at it from flat on your back.

They say, to this day, Ali still hits the heavy bag to exorcise his demons. Wonder what writers do…

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