Kim Kardashian and the Fall of the American Empire

Just like African-born Septimius Severus presided over what’s widely considered the last great age of the Roman Empire, another (possibly) African-born leader is currently in place for America’s last leg. But it won’t be Christianity, the Visigoths, or military overspending that brings down the good ‘ol US of A.

No, if we’re to pinpoint an exact reason why, as Yeats would tell us, “the centre cannot hold“, it would be our all encompassing, all-American fascination with Kim Kardashian.

Understand, this is no knock on Kim. Having done a sex tape with, a man I’ll quite generously describe as a ‘C’ level R&B warbler, Kardashian inexplicably shot to fame. She failed upwards. They were throwing money at her. Why should she have refused? Who would have?

The next thing we knew, we were completely inundated with, not only Kim, but the rest of her Kardashian tribe. Reality shows sprung up like rag weeds. Mother Kris, never a dull bulb, seized on this opportunity and turned the whole clan into stars. This literally freaked out her husband, former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner, and turned the other four siblings into variations of weirdos, pigs, homebodies and thots.

But the question nobody (rightfully) asked was, “why?” The reason it was right not to ask this question was that it would have revealed something truly troubling about, not only the American character and psyche, but about the wholesale perception of women and how it can not bear, without great effort, more than one interpretation.

The American standard for existence is the White Anglo-Saxon male. He is allowed to exist in all his varied splendor and when encountered, it’s expected that he will be greeted as the individual that he most certainly is. If you, as an American, exist in any form other than the White Anglo-Saxon male, you should expect to be “categorized”. You are to be assigned a “type” at best, or lumped in with a “whole” at worst.

Therefore, what the rise of Kim Kardashian has done, since she’s not a White Anglo-Saxon male, is skewed the standard of what’s acceptable in or as womanhood. And that’s particularly dangerous right now, considering that a woman is currently running for the highest American elected office.

Tina Fey once brilliant wrote that, “The definition of ‘crazy’ in show business is a woman that keeps talking even after no one wants to fuck her anymore.” Well, how ‘crazy’ would a female politician be to run for office when that’s true in her case? Cause certainly ‘fuckability’ has been a big asset for more than one male politician; going back before JFK and coming up through Barry himself. And though I’m sure there’s a bunch of dudes that would love to be “the king of the Hill“, as the case may be, there’s certainly not as many as would love to knock of Kim K.

And why is that comparison even in place? Well, Kardashian’s astonishing ‘celebrity’ just demonstrates our continued unwillingness to celebrate women of intellect, genius and accomplishment. Our praise and fawning over Kim K does exactly two things, neither of them good.

  1. It gives young women an absurd and not even necessarily attractive standard of beauty to aspire to.
  2. It promotes as The Ideal a personage that should be considered at best a curiosity, at worst a dangerous distraction.

Kim Kardashian, through little fault of her own, has become the manifestation of our ultimate rejection of the feminist movement. Women, who had for years been demanding that we look at their minds, got successfully shoved aside by a woman that demanded that we look at everything else.

If we get any president other than Hillary Clinton in 2016, we’ll all know where to point. And trust me, she will not mind being pointed at!

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