There’s No Such Thing as Racism


One of the toughest math lessons for me to learn as a kid was multiplication by zero. My mom had to teach it to me. She showed me her empty palm and said, “What do I have in my hand?”

I was like, “Nothing.”

So then she was like, “What would you have if I gave it to you?”

I was like, “Nothing.”

Then she was like, “What would you have if I gave you nothing eight times?’

I was like, “Nothing.”

So she was like, “So eight times zero is…?”

Then, I got it.

Similarly, racism doesn’t exist. Why? Because race doesn’t exist.

Sadly, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago and after reading the book White by Law, that I even knew about the Naturalization Act of 1790 which pretty much constructed the concept of “race” as we know it today. By restricting American citizenship to a group it would call “free white persons”, this law, not a social setting, not a biological component, not a genetic trait, became responsible for dividing people along the groups we’ve come to consider, quite naturally, as “races”.

The Naturalization Act of 1790 was the first time the word “white” as a description of a category of people was recorded. So, in other words, white people invented themselves in 1790. And they did so legally.

So now, just like we’re supposed to believe that marijuana is bad because American law has rendered it illegal, we’re supposed to believe that “race” is real because American law says so.

But when you think about it, the creation of “race” makes perfect sense. I mean, you were dealing with a baby nation, created 14 years earlier; a nation, let’s never forget, founded by lunatics, madmen, religious deviants and recently released criminals who would eventually benefit from a justification for continually professing a love for freedom while keeping so many in chains.

So making up a thing like “race” makes perfect sense because only something as childishly similar to a fairy tale could keep the infantile American psyche entertained yet as the same time hustle the commoners in a way so similar to the class systems they had mistakenly thought that they were escaping when they left the shores of their native lands.

Sure, the poor were still the poor, but unlike in Europe where being poor was the worst thing you could be, America got itself a “race” that no matter how much money some individual members might make, “free white people” would always surpass, at least legally

And trust me, if you were poor and white in young America, you probably lIked the ideas of “race” and subsequently, “racism”.

Both would prove to be really good reasons for slavery, even if both were faker than the notion that a parent’s “because I said so” fostered critical thinking.

But, speaking from experience, children can become quite hostile when you take away their Santa Claus and expose their Easter Bunny as a fraud.

So you can go ahead and try to explain to the ignorant that racism doesn’t exist if you want to.

Just don’t be surprised at how hard some people will fight for the things they need.

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