Are “Flu Shots” a Government Hoax?


With no toilets to clean, I found myself sitting in the library, pirating the wifi and thumbing through old YouTube videos. It’s funny what you can stumble across that way. You might even find yourself believing that the very first Nazi headquarters was 39 Broadway in Manhattan and that the architect for everything from JFK’s assassination to 9/11 was George H.W. Bush.

No stranger to conspiracy theories, I found myself mostly yawning for the next 3 & 1/2 hours, coming to life only upon discovering that one of JFK’s alleged assassins was actor Woody Harrelson’s father.

I’ve never been too big on the Illuminati. Maybe that was my mistake. I mean, I both recognized and called as bullshit the not-too-long-ago popular notion that Beyonce and certain Hip Hop stars were part of the Illuminati saying – and I had to say this a lot – that the Illuminati were the people that wanted you to think that Beyonce was the Illuminati.

The reason I didn’t really care so much for the Illuminati was because I realized that they subscribed to the same laws of mortality that I did. They could get sick. They could get hit by busses. They could, in a word, die.

But the one thing the YouTube video did was that it make me understand that maybe I should give the Illuminati, like the devil, it’s due. They do exist. They’re that same small, elite group of obscenely rich people that either find profit in everything or at least look for profit in everything. They do cause the wars, they do initiate the hate, they do create the fear and the enemies necessary to perpetuate the fear.

And it makes you wonder if movies like The Matrix and The Terminator are made to make you believe that the common man will eventually be pitted against machine, where the simpler truth may be that the real eventual and inevitable showdown will be the haves versus the have-nots and that the real Matrix, the real entity that used common man as a simple battery was, is, and will always be the obscenely rich.

So yesterday morning, while doing my morning 3 miles, Ebro, Rosenberg and Laura Stylez are going on about the necessity of getting flu shots and how they’re about to become mandatory.

Now, long time AIDS conspiracy theorists will immediately recall how whole villages in Africa were allegedly injected with the AIDS virus. Should we then put it past our own government to be, under the guise of protecting us, injecting us with another harmful virus or possibly worse, a tracking and controlling device?

How much information have we already submitted voluntarily via Facebook and other social media and allowing our own cell phones to track us?

What if the least likely of characters, the late, great Ol’ Dirty Bastard, was right about government microchips? Wouldn’t that throw even his death into question?

But back to that crazy YouTube video. This thing alleged that every member of the media is a CIA operative and every single film produced in America is CIA propaganda. Can’t explain why, but this made me even more anxious to see the new Star Wars.

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