Barack Obama’s Ascent into Blackness

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“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

Hunter S. Thompson

It amazes me how many people still don’t understand that Barack Obama is a pure political animal. He is without question one of the greatest pure politicians ever, and the second best politician-turned President right after Richard Milhous Nixon.

But where Nixon’s paranoia undid even his strategic political genius, Obama uses everything he’s got in the tank to fuel his.

When being cool is hot, he’s cool. When being male is hot, he’s male. When being American is hot, he’s American. You can probably guess from the fact that he’s “popping off” what happens to be hot right now. And of course, being the politician that he is, he couldn’t have picked a better time.

Obama of all people knows what’s going on with the Black American Youth of today. Hell, he produced two of them. He knows what they’re into, what they listen to and what they look for. Don’t let the fact that he’s POTUS fool you into thinking that he’s not happy to see America literally on fire right now. It’s what, politically at least, he knows Black people should do. The Black Lives Matter movement is an Obama godsend. I’d be surprised if he didn’t have a hand in getting it to, pardon the pun, “pop off”.

The reason I know all this to be true despite, what would seem, the logic to the contrary, is that Obama would be the first person to point out the power of a unified bloc of Blacks towards any agenda. Hell, it was this bloc that got him elected. And while he’s tried to keep it on the back burner while he had other, broader international issues to deal with, it was never far from his thoughts or out of reach.

The lunacy that was the prevailing mentality of Black America for so long, the brainlessly concerted effort to prove that we were not, in fact, a monolith worked against us in the long run as even the smallest efforts to divide and conquer proved effective. What Obama knew, what he must have known, what would have been criminal for him not to have known, was that the only way to break down the barriers between Black wants and needs would be to actually be that monolith.

40 million people all acting, thinking, moving, breathing in the exact same way at the exact same time could stop the world mid-spin. And don’t get it twisted, the “establishment” is shook. Take Obama’s silence on issues like protesting and rioting due to police shootings as a quiet endorsement and not an effort to avoid.

“It’s what you niggas should have been doing all along,” can be read in the mute. How else could we ever expect police brutality to end? Prayer?

A closed mouth don’t get fed, as any OG can tell you.

In Barack Obama we’re dealing with a man that, almost from birth, has ensured that his every movement has had positive political connotations. Even the selection of his wife Michelle, Black, of course, for Real Nigga status, and not only intelligent, refined and sophisticated, but also with the necessary physical, er, attributes, that would ensure that he wouldn’t get tired of it and potentially stray.

And if you think you’ve seen and heard some shit with him “popping off”, wait until his presidency comes down the final stretch.

The biggest scandal of Bill Clinton’s closing days was the Presidential pardoning of Marc Rich.

Wait to you get a load of Barry; legalized blunt in hand, tie off, no shoes, having pardoned just about every nigga in America, on the podium to accept his honorary degree from Hampton.

Don’t be surprised when he quotes the late, great fellow Chigagoan Bernie Mac before starting his commencement speech.

And for the Hampton crowd, it would be more than appropriate.

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