Black People Need Guns!

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You want gun control? Argue that all Black people should be armed and watch how quickly everybody agrees that gun control is an absolute necessity.

Gun control was, in fact, concocted explicitly with the notion of keeping guns out of the hands of Black people. And as America has proven recently, we’re so nutty as a nation that we’ll actively sell guns to our own sworn enemies but still look for loopholes to deny them to Black American citizens.

Make no mistake, there’s a direct correlation between all the rules in place to prohibit certain people from obtaining guns and the active and continuous prosecution and incarceration of Black people, when white defendants have sentences either reduced considerably, or cases dismissed entirely.

Therefore, My Brother, it’s necessary for you to get that felony conviction. It’s necessary for marijuana to be considered a drug and you to be considered a user. It’s necessary for you to have cases outstanding and pending. They’d have to give you a gun if you didn’t.

But why, you may ask, with America having so many real and determined enemies, should we as a nation be so afraid of letting 12% of our own citizens own guns?

Sadly, like so many other accurate glimpses into the genuine white American psyche, the answer can be found in Django Unchained. The scene where DiCaprio’s Calvin Candie is wondering aloud why his now deceased slave, “Old” Ben, didn’t just kill him, his father, or his grandfather. Nobody ever imagines that they could be a slave; our super-heroic self-image always conveniently ignoring all the shit we take in our current every day lives.

But whereas many Black people think that if we had either been conditioned into slavery or born into it, something about it would eventually make us seek our freedom through escape, too many white people think that if they’d ever been enslaved, their first move would be to kill their masters.

That’s how gangster, they like to imagine, they keep it.

Let us never forget that the white folks we’ve got here in America were the ones that came from the prisons and loony bins of Europe.

Let us also remember, if we need to, that white people are the “original” slaves. The word “slave” itself has it’s root in the word “Slavic“, that group of Central Europeans that got Deebo’d into servitude by the Roman Empire.

Still, it’s due to that same paranoid delusion of “what they would do were they us”, that too many whites maintain the fantasy that an armed Black populace will equal immediate white genocide.

Well, I’m here to say on behalf of Black people everywhere: Nah.

My argument is that with everybody armed, crime would actually decrease. The cops would at least never have to worry about being accused of shooting an unarmed person. And just think of all the atrocities that could have been avoided; Columbine, Sandy Hook, Charleston, Ft. Hood, Virginia Tech, all the way back to Kent State, if everybody else had been strapped when the first shot rang out.

And while some pansies might try to argue that exactly no one – including the police should have to power to snatch a life with no more effort than it takes to light a cigarette, I’ll defer to the video below which is explains, in words more eloquent than I can find, what all true men of great intellect believe when it comes to gun control:

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