Can’t Knock the Junkie


You can’t ever get gassed on yourself if you feel that you’re accomplishing a goal or pulling nearer to a dream or whatever.

The best you can do is be thankful to God or to Fate if you don’t believe in God that you’ve been able to make it as far as you have.

And I was feeling like Big Shit, walking around positively affirming myself. I was off “the stuff“. But there I was again last night, pulling my cock, double-justification in play, getting myself right to that point.

I’d been doing good. Stayed away from the stuff for about two weeks. But The Devil’s a mothafucka and if you don’t believe in The Devil then you’re a mothafucka and it’ll be you that trips you up, plants your roadblocks, causes you to stumble.

Why oh why did I keep on looking at hornygifs on Twitter? Sure, it want “technically” porn, but what was it then? And I could have just quit after a couple of gifs, I knew I was pushing my luck, but just like in my hardcore porn junkie days, a voice kept saying, “just one more.”

The I saw it.

Now, I’m not really into white girls in person, but in porn, they’re just as good as any other bad bitch with a phat ass.

And this bitch was taking the D so lovely. But moreover, there was something about the way her asshole opened up in the gif, something about the “peek-a-boo”, and just like in my porn days, I just had to know her name.

It was a big booty gif form the official bigbootygifs site so for the next 2 days, using both #pawg (phat ass white girl) and #Caucasian to drive my searches, I looked for her.

Late on the second day, something said, “look at her face again”. So I went back to hornygifs and stared. It looked like Jessie Rogers. I went back to bigbootygifs and cross-referenced.

Sure enough…

Of course, Jessie Rogers probably wouldn’t show up as either a #pawg or a #Caucasian because she’s Brazilian.

Whatever the case, I pulled my cock for about an hour to her.

Last night, there were two scenes in particular that grabbed me. The first was entitled “Big Booty Rican Backshots”. The girl’s ass was incredible. The guys cock was bent awkwardly, a little on the small side and kept popping out of the pussy, but the girl was creaming and moaning like she was having the time of her life.

The next clip I don’t remember the exact title of. Something about the guy having picked up a stripper at the club. He was hitting it raw so… whatever.

This dude’s cock was an absolute gem, though. Long, thick and black. And no, I wasn’t so far gone that I was fantasizing about being the girl, I was having healthy homoerotic thoughts, like what it must be like to walk around with that kind of log on you. How it must feel to fuck a bad bitch bringing that kinda wood to the table.

The crazy thing was, while the little dick nigga’s chick was creamy and moist, monster-cock nigga left his bitch bone-dry.

Guess you never know…

So have I quit the porn again?

Well, truthfully, Marvin Gaye probably said it best about addiction when he sang, “in the morning, I’ll be alright my friend/but soon the night will bring the pain…”

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