Can Black Women Be Beautiful?


Some dude on Twitter posted something written by some fool ass nigga entitled “10 Reasons Black Guys Prefer White Girls“.

Now, it’s not only that I get pissed off any time a nigga presumes to speak for me (I’m a Black guy too, nigga, and that ain’t the case in my case), but it’s also that this nigga used the same old litany of bullshit cliches as his central argument.

If you’re gonna say some bullshit, at least say some creative and new shit; that’s bullshit.

Shit like, white women can go swimming because they’re not afraid to get their hair wet and they don’t get mad and argue, and they’re so much fun and sexual freaks is all shit that I’ve heard before.

And ok, but, nigga: a nigga like you is so dumb if somebody switched the emblems on a Benz and a Hyundai, you’d hop in the Hyundai and think you were ballin’ the fuck out. You’d even laugh at the nigga in the Benz.

In other words, you could be with a Black woman and not even know it. Black women go out as far as Octoroon. You think you’d know an Octoroon from a white woman? Not if your ass could write some shit as ignorant as the shit you wrote, you wouldn’t.

Simply, this nigga just thinks white women are prettier and you can’t blame him for that. That’s the way he’s been conditioned and he’s so dumb, he thinks his conditioning is the way his mind naturally works.

However, the most natural way for a boy to think is that his mama is absolutely beautiful. Some boys watch too much television, though. They see a toy and they want that, they see a car and they want that, the see a white woman…

It’s that simple.

White women as a standard of beauty are just another example of capitalism run amok.

Moreover, every single aspect of black women is considered beautiful except the permanence of the skin color. Think anybody would find a tanned white girl with big lips and a big ass ugly? Only if the tan didn’t come off.

But whats particularly vicious about the myth of white female aesthetic superiority is that while strength is supposed to be a man’s top aspiration, beauty is supposed to be a woman’s, so if Black women can’t be beautiful, the only thing left for them to be is strong.

Hence: the Strong Black Woman.

That’s fucked up.

They’ve made men of our bitches. No wonder our men act like bitches.

But even this doesn’t make me as crazy as when I hear shit like a nigga saying some white bitch has “an ass like a Black girl.”

Why would anybody want a white girl with an ass like a Black girl when they could have a Black girl with an ass like herself? That’s like turning down free tickets to a Beyonce concert and spending good money to watch an impersonator.

The fact that Black women change their hair and other aspects of their looks to resemble white women to me is like Steph Curry changing the way he plays so his game more closely mirrors the style of Jimmer Fredette.

Jimmer who, you ask?


Moreover, it would like Steph, with all his amazing gifts and talent, was taught from birth that his game should resemble Jimmer’s and that any advantages his game had over Jimmer’s were actually disadvantages and should done away with.

Absurd, you say?

Try telling that to a Black woman with a perm.


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