The Plot to Destroy #BlackLivesMatter


There’s a stage between confrontation and murder that the police simply need to learn; it’s called being placed under arrest.

And with so many versions of what happened involving Jamar Clark and the Minneapolis police that killed him, the only thing we can be sure of is that he was killed by the police in Minneapolis.

Now, I’m expected to believe that it was three random White Supremacists that shot up a Black Lives Matter rally for Jamar in Minneapolis, wounding 5 participants.

Ok, I’ll give it a try.

But first, I’ll need this: that last arrest.

In an age when there’s almost as many cameras as people, nobody, on a street level at least, can get away with anything.

As of the time of this writing, only two of the alleged shooters have been caught. But if the search for the third shooter stretches out for months or weeks or even days, let me just say this now; it was an inside job.

Mothafuckas on a government level have decided to end the #Blacklivesmatter movement, and they’re going to go old-school to try and do it.

Most people don’t even know about a time in America when whites were so insecure that they lined the streets with barrels so that if a nigga felt the urge to laugh, he had to stick his head in the barrel to avoid the unsightly spectacle of Black laughter which white people, in their delusion, always feared to be directed at them.

Nah, we just know about the bodies hanging from the trees. We’ve heard of COINTELPRO, but we know about Emmett Till, Martin, Malcolm and Medgar. We know about Bobby Hutton, Fred Hampton, Tupac and Big.

But shit, that’s enough to know!

And don’t get me wrong, movements only start because people are stagnant. That’s why they’re called movements. And even thought I’m not a member, I’m proud of #BlackLivesMatter for saying aloud something that their parents and grandparents had only whispered: we’ve had it. Enough already. No more of this shit.

It’s only the truest villain that ever tries to get others to judge the reaction and not the action. We’re told that #BlackLivesMatter is wrong because of the way they protest, never realizing that they should have nothing to protest. Only a pyromaniac lunatic would set an occupied house on fire then be surprised and offended when he heard the family screaming.

And this White Supremacist shooting as a method of trying to spread fear and intimidation is so obvious that the shooters should have just handed out their CIA business cards in advance.

So don’t come telling me you can’t find this last dude. Not when you could find the Tsarnaev Brothers. Not when you could find Richard Matt and David Sweat. Not when you could find Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Jihadi John.

Please, respect me enough to at least make a token arrest.

When this government blew it’s own president’s head off, they at least had enough concern for the American public to provide a patsy.

It would be an amazing insult to the collective intelligence of Black America to assume that we’d readily or easily believe that somebody in this Orwellian day and age had simply “got away”.

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