“White Iverson” and White Genocide


The good people of CNN were kind enough to let us know that deranged dog Dylann Roof, The Charleston church mass murderer, had Black friends.

Of course, they were trying to elicit sympathy for Mr. Roof. He is, after all, white, like the majority of the people in the media and also probably like the majority of what CNN considers to be it’s target demographic.

Meanwhile, I’m absolutely certain not only that the NYPD wouldn’t take me to Burger King, nor would any of the multitude of my own white friendships be brought to light, but also that I could expect no such sympathy from any media outlets whatsoever including BET should I have given way to my own sociopathic impulse.

And I had a great one too.

Yesterday morning while doing my morning 3.2, that loathsome song “White Iverson” came on.

I mean, this song is putrid. It’s so bad, that for the most fleeting of moments, the thought that entered my head was, “The only way to prevent the possibility of another song this bad ever entering the universe is to take a shotgun and slaughter the entire white race!”

Of course, that thought was checked not even a full second later by the realization that this song was being played on Black radio. That meant it had Black fans.

My very next thought was, “Stupid Jigaboos! Why was I born into a tribe that would willingly endure such sadism as this song?”

And this is what we call sanity. The checks and balances between our lunatic urgings and our recognition of Obsessive Megalomania.

Dylann Roof suffered from Obsessive Megalomania in the sense that once the girl he was sweet on left him for a taste of some BBC, he decided that the world, in general, would be better without Black people.

And this one lunatic urging became his sole motivating force despite all logic to the contrary and even, if CNN is to be believed, a history of interracial friendships.

Naturally, Dylann Roof was not the greatest ever sufferer of Obsessive Megalomania. He’s no Napoleon, no Hitler, nor even a Charlie Manson.

Nor is Obsessive Megalomania always necessarily a bad thing. Marvin Gaye, despite protest from the head of his own label, thought the world would be better off should he release his What’s Going On album, and he was right.

Muhammad Ali thought the world would be better off with him as heavyweight champion and he was right.

Michael Jordan… well, forget Jordan! I’m a Knick fan.

Anyway, the problem with the Obsessive Megalomaniacs of Roof’s ilk is the lack of not only balance, but pride.

Because certainly some male pride would have had him, though shocked and outraged that any bitch anywhere could be blind to his Mackalicious Pimp Value, able to simply stroll up upon the next ho, knowing full well that bitches be like buses; you miss one and another one will be right behind her.

Hell, even a bit of White Pride would have been enough for him to realize that if the girl he was sweet on wanted a Black, she wasn’t the type of girl he could ever be with anyway.

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