The Best Hip Hop Song Ever Is…


Just finished listening to Jay-Z’s “What More Can I Say” Jay was sensational.

It got me thinking was this the best Hip Hop Performance ever?

“Of course not,” I said to myself. “That would be CL’s job on ‘They Reminisce Over You. (T.R.O.Y.)’.”

1991, down in Atlanta, fresh from a HBCU, this song grabbed me by the back of the neck and forced me to look upon the world in which I lived with gratitude.

But at first, I was mad at CL;

nigga this song is supposed to be a memorial…

as he prattled on and on about his own family. And though he never did mention fallen Heavy D dancer Troy “Trouble T-Roy” Dixon by name, that was the trick.

The song had been designed around Troy’s name.

And how many MCs have returned to this track?


It would be like trying to raise a rose through scorched earth.

The video didn’t hurt either.

And this was the time of Redman emerging and Public Enemy fading, a year before Snoop; Wu-Tang and Nas in the more distant future.

CL looked like the guy. And for that moment, he was.

And he had Pete Rock. Jordan and Pippen or maybe Jordan and Julius Erving.

As many MCs as there are in the world, as many men that would simply love to be heard, to touch the ball that is music with your stick is rare indeed. To get a hit is far rarer. To homer is the rarest. Now imagine hitting what is, and in not just this reviewer’s humble opinion, the prettiest, longest homer that anyone has ever seen.

Sometimes I fault CL for not clutching the baton longer before I remember that each man is only responsible for his portion of the race.

And after it’s run, he sits and watches with the rest of us.

Still, just because I think I’ve had my best meal doesn’t mean I’ve stopped eating.

T.R.O.Y. has faced some threats over the years.

Biggie’s “Warning” was a big threat. And “Ghetto Children” by Juvenile, Good Lord I was crazy about that song.

I got a video of a bitch twerking to “0-100“.

You know how close that comes?

But nope, not even “Money Trees” has passed it yet.

Experiencing the death of a close friend and then to write about it in a song and in that song to celebrate and be thankful for your own life and then to name the song after your friend making him immortal…

Try that at home.

Before, my pick for best Hip Hop song had been “Rebel Without a Pause“, hands down. Before that, “The Message“. First, it took the title 6 years to change hands, then just another three. It’s been 24 years now and counting and Pete and CL still look good.

Some genius would have to do a lot to replace them.

Then again, pieces like this are never designed to do anything other than pull coats. Maybe you’ve never heard this song or maybe you think you’ve got a better one…


You think so?

Post it in the comments section.

I’d love to hear it.


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