Black Power Kills White People


I never meant for it to happen this way.

Even though I knew it had to happen, you reap what you sew, an eye for an eye, karma is a bitch and so forth.

Still, I’m holding out hope that this isn’t the end. Frequent readers of my blog will note that the end is exactly what I’d forecast, but not this dramatic of an ending.

Not a final ending.

I’d simply been suggesting – well, more than suggesting; arguing as fact – that White Supremacy, a fallacy from the start, was now over, in even the pretend sense.

And I knew that white birth rates were sucking ass. Those kooks on the White Extinction Awareness Blog are all over that, even if their logic is a bit, er, skewed.

And I’d heard that white people had recently taken to simply dying off. What I hadn’t expected, however, were the concrete facts.

Those were supplied by Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo.

Mr. Marshall’s grim and grisly suggestion is that white people are suffering from having to witness, and this is a quote, “The relative decline of American whites (or as social scientists refer to them, “non-Hispanic whites”) versus other ethnic and racial groups – principally African-Americans and Hispanics.”

The United States is the only country in the industrialized world that has seen an actual increase in all-cause mortality among “non-Hispanic” white people.

And that’s just terrible. And I’m being serious.

And no, not because it deprives us triumphant Blacks a chance to rub our new dominance in white faces, do touchdown dances, moonwalk over corpses and act like frat boys at a PWI.

That sucks because I like white people. Some of them, at least.

I never went in for white girls too heavy, but my favorite musical group is the Beatles. Two of my favorite writers, Hunter S. Thompson and Ayn Rand, were white. Hell, I’m a Woody Allen fan!

What would the world be without white people?

They’ve added so much. In complete fairness, a lot of the stuff that’s been attributed to them they ripped off, but you can’t take away their honest contributions.

I’ll name some when I can think of them, but, anyway, my guess is that a lot of racial unease resulted from the notion some whites had that Black people would eventually want to “take over”.

Black people never wanted to take over.

What we wanted was freedom, equality, justice- social and otherwise, and the right to pursue the possibility of happiness right here on these shores.

What we wanted was essentially to be American; which must make us about the dumbest mothafuckas on the hemisphere because we are clearly the only ones that don’t know that America doesn’t exist.

How can you start a country when you don’t own the land?

And with even that said, Francis Scott Key wrote the poem that would eventually become the Star-Spangled Banner, with it’s great and moving description of this place as the “Land of the Free”, back in 1812.

Chattel slavery didn’t end till 1865.

What the fuck was that about?

Still, as I’ve written before, since there’ll always be tribalism, there’ll always be white people. And they’ll tough, too.

They’re resilient.

They made it through the first Black Plague.

They’ll make it through this one.

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