Do We Love White Women or Hate White Men?


I like Black chicks. They’re my natural attraction. Love a chocolate, burnt bitch, but I’ll take a high yellow. I’m biased as a mothafucka so if it comes down to a fine, dark Spanish-speaking bitch or a light, bright, English-speaking sista, I’ll get patriotic.

This, like I said, is my natural thing. Sometimes I feel lucky that it stayed with me over the years.

The media has thrown everybody at me from Farrah Fawcett to Britney Spears and told me that they should make my dick hard, and while occasionally the needle did move – especially for Britney – the shit only got rock for the likes of a regular American Black girl with ass.

What I find interesting though is that in my travels, and I’m Dickie Bhee on the streetz so my travels are extensive, I’ve noticed that when a Black guy has a white wife or girlfriend and they have kids, the Black dad allows his biracial son to see the world of dating as an oyster, but his biracial daughter better never bring home no white boy!

And why is that?

I mean surely, Black and white love is possible or else we wouldn’t even have the couplings that produce biracial children. That is, of course, unless we’re going to argue that sex has nothing to do with love which is too slippery a slope to deal with on this page.

Instead, I’ll be the optimist and say that couple is in love. Either way, I can’t think of a single instance of a Black father happily encouraging his biracial daughter’s love for a white man.

I remember seeing pictures of Eddie Murphy’s wedding to Nicole – who’s biracial – and her pops looked so relieved that it would indeed be a Black man taking his daughter off his hands that you almost felt the nigga wanted to get into the conjugal bed just to make sure everything went right.

The father of Marvin Gaye’s second wife, biracial Janis, seemed so happy to have Marvin as a potential son-in-law that he let the nigga start fucking his daughter when she was only 17; and he, Marvin, was 33 years-old and still married!

And of course, there’s Derek Jeter’s dad. Dad seems to have no problem with his boy’s fiancé being white, but his daughter sure as shit took her 1/2 Black ass down to HBCU Spellman and got married to a…

By now, you follow the narrative.

Sometimes I’ve wondered if I just didn’t have the guts to date a white girl. Seems like a helluva lot to go through; gotta defiantly face the racist world when all you wanted to do was run into the 7-Eleven for a pack of gum.

And I genuinely don’t hate white men, or anybody for that matter so I’ve never had to question why my tastes simply are what they are.

And I’d like to imagine that I’m wrong here. I mean, I can’t help but think that if a nigga really wanted to make a point to white men using a white woman as a prop, he wouldn’t marry her, he’d ride that bitch’s back like a pack mule, but that biracial son/daughter dynamic is an amazing and consistent recurrence.

Love is already hard enough to to fall into without having to wonder if instead of falling you jumped; and while jumping aimed your heels right at the neck of white male America.

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