How White Girls Can Stop Your Wave


“For many young men of fashion who would otherwise remain uncultivated mentally, rough in their friendships, without gentleness or taste, it is very often their mistresses who are their real masters, and liaisons of this sort the only school of ethics in which they are initiated into superior culture…”
–Marcel Proust

It neither amazes me that some nigga sat down to write a book called “How to Date White Women” or that there’s a market for it.

What’s amazing, if we as a nation, a people and a world haven’t yet lost the capacity to be even interested let alone amazed, is that some people consider the dude that wrote this book, Ernest Baker, a “respected” journalist.

And this goes beyond O. Henry twist that this same dude would recently be arrested and charged for beating up one of his former (white) ex-girlfriends. That fact is simply Freudian.

This ties into the notion that there’s a nation of non-white young men that would just love to be dating white women but for lack of information as to how.

If this were an honest book, it would contain a mere two words, “Step outside”.

Because certainly anybody that knows anything realizes that the fear of interracial dating, as far as Black men and white women are concerned, wasn’t so much the concern that if Black men were ever free enough, we wouldn’t be able to get enough of white women. No, the fear was that if white women ever had such freedoms…

And this isn’t a knock on white women.

There are some of them that a bad as shit and they’re usually not the type you’d find with Black dudes just like ideal image of a Black man never positions a white woman on his arm.

Or more simply and with certain exceptions; each gets each other’s rejects.

It is purely a fantasy of some whites that every nigga breathing wants a white woman. It must frustrate and infuriate them whenever a Black man that could have any woman he wanted, rightfully, logically, and intelligently chooses a Black woman.

Why is this intelligent?

Well, it’s tied in to the quote I attached at the top.

I haven’t seen Spike’s movie Chi-raq yet, but I know the lines it plays along and I agree wholeheartedly that we take our best dictates and our better leanings from the women we love romantically.

Therefore, if you want a comprehensive understanding of, as the slang used to go, “what’s really good”, you’ll need a perspective that grounded in a reality that similar to yours but with feminine nuances that you’re neither equipped to receive nor interpret.

What you don’t need, and what I can only imagine happening in far too many interracial relationships, is someone who feels responsible for explaining to you the workings of the “civilized” world.

This is one of the reasons I never got into white chicks. I mean, despite a mutual lack of interest and the fact that I’m only brown-skinned and therefore not dark enough to give them a “chocolate” fantasy, I would have resented any of them trying to “school” me.

Bitch, I’ve read more books than you, I know Black music and white, I’ve seen more movies than you.


Still, I hope Mr. Baker’s moment of high emotion hasn’t permanently cost him his book deal. I can already imagine the real opening line, “Furst, mek shore dey iz whyte!”

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