My Apologies To White Women Everywhere


Rape is the oldest form of terrorism.

It’s main goal was very basic: to prevent women from enjoying sex.

The fear of the possibility of a woman enjoying sex has been men’s greatest nightmare ever since the invention of private property. And this fear manifests itself in everything from abortion laws to female circumcision.

What had pissed me off for so long had been that white women, no strangers by any means to oppression, could then turn around and take such a paternalistic – and yes, that’s the word I want – perspective towards non-white women.

Worse yet, it seems that their views on Black women were somehow still smarting pride-wise from the obvious enthusiasm with which Black women were systematically attacked and raped during slavery to the point that white women seemed to, incredibly enough, buy the bullshit notion that Black women were somehow “rape proof.”

Or, that you couldn’t rape a Black woman because Black women always wanted it.

Never mind this missed opportunity to hold white men to task with the logic that if this were indeed the case, shouldn’t they, as men, be able to restrain themselves?

And also the dual implication that if Black women couldn’t be raped, then every sexual exchange with an unmarried white woman, particularly those with a non-white man must be rape.

So no, I saw no hope for a conviction of Daniel Holtzclaw, the Oklahoma City cop that been accused of raping 13 Black women and teens.

There were no Black people on the jury and only 4 women, all of them white, and you just read how I felt about white women.

And now I’m smiling like a lottery winner, literally joyous to have been proven wrong.

Of course, the panic about the inability to please a woman sexually isn’t a uniquely Western male notion. Female circumcision is sadly a mostly African phenomenon. And who knows if men were deliberately bad sexually, only players and gigolos ever wasted time trying to figure out what satisfied a woman or a Greco-Roman tradition of homosexuality left Western men philosophically unequipped  to handle the physiological differences necessary for the female orgasm, whatever the case, the dread was always that there was someone out there somewhere that did know how to make it happen.

And ideologies have been structured, religions have been written, and moralities have been installed for the sole purpose of causing a woman to feel guilty, ashamed and a criminal in the eyes of The Lord not only for finding, but for having the nerve to look for that someone; or maybe (gasp!) a multitude of someones, or maybe especially (God forbid!) a someone that’s another woman or (Sweet Jesus I’m dying!) a someone that’s herself.

As much as I love pussy, I’m nobody’s idea of a feminist, but I sympathize with the all encompassing need to control one’s own body and it has nothing to do with my Real Nigga status and the history of antebellum slavery which it implies.

I’ve just quit enough jobs to know that everyone born on earth belongs to the earth and vice versa, and I’m also terrifically happy that oppressed white women, in this instance at least, took up the mantle for oppressed Black women.

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