No Black Man is “Unarmed”


Of course, it’s not up for argument whether the theory submitted in The Isis Papers, that got Dr. Frances Cress Welsing dismissed as a quack in some circles, is valid.

I mean, the good doctor has gone or record as saying and writing some interesting, if not outright wacko stuff like, “On both St. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, the white male gives gifts of chocolate candy with nuts…. If his sweetheart ingests “chocolate with nuts”, the white male can fantasize that he is genetically equal to the Black male.”

But Dr. Welsing’s assertion that no Black man is ever unarmed because, external weapon or not, said Black man certainly has penis which can potentially lead to what Dr. Welsing called “white genetic annihilation” is what we should concentrate on now.

Linear logic in order, the assertion further went that since white racism was in such psychotic detail as to make anybody with a drop of Black blood Black, then no matter who a Black man makes babies with, Black woman, white woman, Asian, Indian; he’s making Black babies.

Therefore, logically, there is no such thing as being biracial or mixed, you got that drop, you’re Black; sorry Taye Diggs.

Now you, me, any and all reasonable people are free to agree or disagree with the good Madame Doctor.

But it does beg to wonder why the newest agenda in the White Supremacist cannon seems to be the creation of an all-white enclave.

How would they know they were getting thru-and-thru white people?

What if Rashida Jones just casually strolled in?

Would there be some sort of genetic test?

No, of course not.

Because certainly everyone filled to the point of overflowing with White Pride must also be living with the secret terror that there might be, somewhere along their hereditary line, a fly in the buttermilk.

Also, being that dissent among nuclear families is a natural and given thing, what makes these Supremacists think they’d find happiness being among people unified only by their hatred of non-whites?

These kooks are such spaceballs that you’d have to also imagine that it was them at the forefront of discrediting Marcus Garvey and destroying the UNIA Movement. They hated us, but they damn sure didn’t want us to leave of our own free will.

Somewhere in the twists and turns of their circular logic, they almost always seem to conveniently forget that it was them that brought us here.

But back to the point; as usual and predictably, as we gear up, making sure to dress for the weather to protest yet another senseless murder of an ostensibly “unarmed” Black male by the police, knowing, grimly, as we do that we should have brought a change of clothes because certainly, during the time that we’re out chanting #BlackLivesMatter, another ostensibly “unarmed” Black male will have been shot and murdered by the police, our passions are raised, our voices are pitched, but are our targets wrong?

I mean, the cops are just doing the killing.

But the rare to the point of non-existent prosecutions and convictions of the police involved in these murders proves that regardless of any of our positions on Dr. Cress Welsing’s thesis, the courts, as an extension of the government itself, certainly agree with her.

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