Bloods, Crips & Other Shit I Don’t Believe In


So I’m reading along with this NY Daily News article that wants me to understand how gangs are allegedly responsible for 40% of the gun murders in New York and I realized that the question I’d been asking myself about how long it would take somebody to spin rampant gun violence into an inherently Black thing has been answered.

And I know what’s coming next.

There’s gonna be an outcry of demands that we “get these people off the street!” just like during the crack era which resulted in the Rockefeller Drug Laws; laws that gave out 15-year mandatory minimums for crack sales – more time than for murder.

It’s always enough to make you want to pull out your nose hair to wonder why the people that would have absolutely no possibility of encountering Black-on-Black crime – white suburbanites – are usually the loudest crusaders against it.

And of course, the major bullshit is the notion that getting all these young Black men off the street is done for the benefit of Black people. Like sure, taking away some kid’s non-violent weed-selling dad actually helps that kid’s development and fosters self-confidence raises self-esteem.

Similarly, I’m now supposed to believe that a massive and wholesale roundup of “gang members” will be good for a community that already has to high a percentage of its men in jail.

You’d think the Black community was at war with the government, the way the men have been taken away and the women and children left defenseless.

Now, I’ve never been a gang member or gang sympathizer. I’ve never run from the cops either; ever. Not even when I had weed on me or did some even more reckless, terrible shit.

That’s part of why I couldn’t be in a gang and why I don’t, on the whole, believe gangs of the scale and caliber that the Daily News describes exist.

There’s a fundamental flaw in the notion that I should fight with a rival gang but then run from the cops who are just, at base, another gang.

Anyone still brainless enough to believe those dudes represent law and order or even enforce it especially in the wake of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Laquan McDonald… is beyond help.

And that cops could arrogantly or even confidently describe how they “rounded up” and predict their ability to further dismantle existing gangs I find totally amazing.

The gun-for-gun ethos should be in play here; that is, if organized gangs really existed. Cops should be shook to death encountering men that would just as well kill as be captured and that’s all I could think that a true gang would be comprised of; those such men.

And while I’m not at all advocating anti-cop violence, what I am suggesting is that a change in terminology is more than warranted here, it’s absolutely necessary.

These Bloods and Crips and the like are simply ignorant little Boys’ Clubs, some with guns, some dangerous, most of them wanna-bes.

And it would be with and because of this understanding the the real (read: salaried) gang in blue could commence the process of weeding out the dangerous from the benign instead of just thinking that a color, in clothing or in skin, was justification enough to put someone behind bars.

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