Hood Niggas: America’s Smartest People


That Ethan Couch, the rich Texas 19 year-old that four years ago, before he was legally old enough to drink or drive, got drunk, drove and killed four people was then released to probation without serving as much as a day in jail, juvie, nothing; just proves what most Black folks have long suspected despite numbers manipulated to suggest the opposite: that hood niggas are America’s smartest people.

Dig, the defense used in young Mr. Couch’s case was, being that he was so privileged, he had no context for responsibility.

Affluenza is what they called it.

Now, since we all know that any 15 year-old hood nigga would not only be convicted for a similar crime but given the maximum, serves to reason that courts must realize that a 15 year-old hood nigga is responsible.

And responsibility requires intelligence.

Now of course much work has been put in to teach Blacks that we can’t learn.

The circular logic of said endeavor is almost never questioned.

We hear that the average IQ is 100 while the average Black IQ is 85 and we also understand that mental retardation is an IQ OF 75 so what we’re supposed to gather is that every nigga is damn near retarded.

However, let’s imagine that it had been Africa that had decided to expel its crooks, weirdos, outcasts, misfits and deviants wholesale, and African ships that had carried them to this New World.

Africans had, after all, been here first.

Then, carrying on the tradition that had started in Rome of taking Slavic people as slaves, those Africans returned to the Old World and kidnapped Europeans, first enslaving them in the New World, then sorta freeing them, all while teaching their offspring that they had been in a nearly animal state in Europe (a half-truth), living in caves and whatnot (another half-truth) and they’d been lucky these great Africans came along and “rescued” them, civilizing them and offering great Yoruba and Ibo traditions for the small cost of servitude.

It’s easy to imagine how after even only a few years of hearing this horsehshit, whites would tune out what those Africans considered “learning”.

Their interests, if they continued to grow at all, would almost certainly grow in the direction of hearing more about their own people, who they’d be hard pressed to find out any positive information on other than, perhaps, how grateful they should be to Hannibal for colonizing as much of Europe as he had.

They’d even be lucky to score 85s on those IQ tests that had been, ahem, “standardized” with descendants of African people in mind.

Learning itself would become akin to being slapped with a hard open hand every time one turned to one’s left. This being the practice, one quickly learns to stop turning to one’s left. That, or one turns 270 degrees to the right just to see left.

This is what the American educational system does to the young Black mind.

That means, of course, that only the bravest, the toughest, or the genuinely masochistic Blacks continue to learn after the first few years of being slapped.

So, if you factor in all the things young Blacks must know, hood niggas or not, just to avoid ostracism from other young Blacks; whether it be the ability to compare Kendrick to Drake verse-for-verse or all the different symmetries and patterns of hair-braiding – things white minds can’t comprehend so they assign no value to – the adjusted IQ of the average hood nigga must come in at about 110.

That itself means that every nigga on a college level is a mothafuckin genius.

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