Why Meek Mill Has to Go to Jail


I had no record all my life, no police record until I made a record,” Tupac once famously said and that’s a critical statement in terms of understanding what’s going on with our dear friend Meek Mill right now; why he has to go to jail.

And no, I’m not gonna get all COINTELPRO with this; it’s a favorite of mine, connecting the murders of Tupac and Big to the systematic murder of Black leadership and destruction of Black organizations going back into the 60’s.

And I know you saw that. I just did what I said I wasn’t gonna do. So let me admit that there is a connection. That anybody in a position to have influence in the Black community has to be discredited.

No Black leaders, spokespersons or entertainers can be entirely upstanding. The intent of this is sending a two-pronged message that not only are all Black people in some way fucked up, but also it warns Black kids against aspiring to anything because in the end, they’ll be no better than if they hadn’t aspired.

So why waste the energy?

Of course, a more accurate message would be that all people are fucked up. This is proven by the indiscretions of white entertainers like Tim Allen, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Sid Vicious, Robert Downey Jr, Winona Ryder

Wait, let me stop naming white entertainers that fucked up before I go over my word count.

The point is that while the egregious and eternally recurring screw ups of white celebs can be overlooked at quirks particular to the individual, Black celeb fuck ups are always more evidence of the flaws inherent in the Black race.

The one nigga they couldn’t find or create dirt on they had to make President.

But… whatever.

Who gives a shit?

The problem I have is with a Meek himself.

Fuck it, Dawg; you can’t do the little required to keep your stupid ass from violating?

I mean, I know this thing with Drake‘s got you twisted, but you’re fucking Nicki Minaj!

To hell with weed, nigga, I would turn vegan for the rest of my life just to fuck Nicki Minaj…once.

And more pathetically, all them songs you made about murder and you cried before the judge?

God, you make me miss Tupac.

Pac would have understood intuitively that it’s in moments like this that a show of backbone is most necessary; with the eyes of the world and most importantly, young Black America on you.

Pac spit at reporters because he understood the significance of letting us know that the 60’s were over and just because you’re Black, you don’t have to return disrespect with respect. You can return disrespect with greater disrespect.


This, after all, is The American Way.

So Meek, as the old Chinese proverb goes, “in life, there is no security, only opportunity” and here was yours to align yourself with the greats and you blew it.

But you’re alive so that means that you can redeem yourself. Do your time, listen to a lot of Kendrick and come out spitting some real shit.

Lord knows the last thing any of us needs is another song by a Black artist rapping or singing about killing Black people.

You’re already an MC, now become a great one.

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