The NFL is Full of Shit for Suspending OBJ


No, I didn’t watch the Panthers-Giants game last Sunday because, as you know, I’m so broke I have neither cable nor wifi and my inability to consistently pay rent keeps me always precipitously one step ahead of the Marshals.

Still, just from what I’ve seen of the high or rather lowlights, I can tell that the NFL is full of shit for suspending Odell Beckham Jr.

And yes, this is some nigger shit, and yes, I’m back on that; for Christ’s sake, I feel like Michael Corleone from Godfather III, “Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in!

The one thing I will say is that at least in this instance, a nigga was suspended for some shit that actually happened on the field unlike that bullshit that happened with Adrian Peterson, Mike Vick and Ray Rice where a nigga’s personal life was somehow negatively linked to his professional life.

That being the case, you’d expect a reverse correlation as well like, say, every time a nigga gave to charity or helped out in the hood, the NFL would give him a bonus.

But no.

And that hump of a commissioner Roger Goodell had a chance to prove he really has the (pardon the pun) balls to run an organization as vast as the NFL when the game’s Golden Boy himself, New England’s Tom Brady, got caught deflating footballs to make them easier for him to handle and throw, a clear violation of everything holy, fucking up results, fucking up gambling odds, most importantly violating the rules of his profession, but did Goodell insure that Brady would sit even one game?



No, sorry, I take that back. A pussy is warm and juicy. A pussy is a beautiful thing to have, even better to get and can and should be enjoyed by all.

Goddell is a roach; a beast against the darkness (like black athletes) but when the whites come on (no misprint), he’s ghost.

Now here comes OBJ, all keyed up of course to be going against the undefeated Panthers, his own Giants team fighting for a potential playoff spot and he’s facing off against Josh Norman, a kid that’s trying to establish himself in a class that as of now, only includes Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman.

As De La Soul would have said, the stakes were high.

So what’d OBJ do?

He went out and played football, that’s what he did. Was he overly violent? Was he borderline psychotic? Were there instances when you were watching that you felt that if he wasn’t careful, Mike Tyson himself might appear out of nowhere to caution against the dangers of indulgence?



The talking heads that would subsequently denounce him from the safety of their speaking booths, especially the ones that had actually played the game before, should undergo hormone therapy.

Just cause you got on a suit don’t make your corporate, jackass. Just cause you talk for a living don’t mean the shit you say makes sense, either.

And I loved the way the boy OBJ played.

That’s how I’d want somebody to play under similar circumstances; shit, any and all games of the 16 in the regular and whatever comes in the post season.

And if any of those holier-than-thou talking-deads that were so quick to criticize were asked and they said they wouldn’t take a, 11 or even 22 dudes on their team with the heart and desire of an OBJ, they’re either liars, losers or both.

Probably both.

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