Cops Kill Black People on Purpose


Freud believed that there are no accidents and since by the time we’re old enough to read, we’re so used to the evidence that police killings of Blacks of all types: armed, unarmed, whatever, always goes unpunished, the one thing we seem reluctant to do is the thing that’s most obvious: admit that the cops are killing Black people on purpose.

This latest fiasco in Chicago, where young 19 year-old Quintonio Legrier armed only with a baseball bat was shot down by the CPD who, incidentally but with no genuine remorse, also “accidentally” shot and killed Bettie Jones, a 55 year-old grandmother who’s only crime was standing near the boy, should produce noise from the usual voices.

#BlackLivesMatter will get hyped, the few “Civil Rights” dudes still in action will cram for camera time and the rest of us will bitch and moan, mostly moan, secretly glad it wasn’t us or anyone we know.

We know better than to expect indictments against the police involved or any genuine police reform. We should simply admit to ourselves that when the police kill Black people, they’re doing their jobs.

Make no mistake, the only two things that prevent the wholesale slaughter of Blacks as a form of genocide by law enforcement is the fact that a few of the Black police might be a little hesitant and the idea that at some point, we might just fight back.

So much has been done to present us to ourselves as long and non-violently suffering, that we almost don’t notice that we’re being conditioned to believe that shit.

We’re deliberately not taught that there were over 250 slave revolts involving 10 or more slaves or about the thousands and thousand of slaves that both escaped and attempted to escape because, while omitting this from our history makes white people seem more cruel, it almost makes them seem more omnipotent and, in the end, benevolent for freeing us as if there were no other way we’d have ever become free – Toussaint Louverture be damned.

So the murder-by-state of Blacks has to be carried out as it’s done: seemingly randomly and at every opportunity.

Why is it done?

Any one of a number of reasons from Eugenics, to population control to the ultimate fear that the rich have that eventually the poor – a group mostly populated by Black people – will, as Tupac once said, simply “swallow” them.

As I’ve always said, the police, at their most basic, are simply here to protect the interest of the rich, and if you can kill or imprison anyone who could ultimately become a threat, shoot your shot.

And while you might think that technology would help Black people, what with video imagery readily available, it’s actually helping the cops even more.

46 years ago, when the cops tried to solicit the rival Blackstone Rangers to kill Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, Hampton was so savvy and charismatic that he was able to forge a truce between the two Black groups and the (no surprise) Chicago police had to break into Hampton’s home and shoot him dead in his bed themselves.

Now I’m reading how the NYPD is using social media against gangs and I’m thinking “Yep, and once that doesn’t work…”

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