Blac Youngsta Gets Treated Like a Black Youngster


You know it’s some bullshit when niggas can’t even get they own money out the bank.

When all a nigga’s paperwork is in order and he still gets cuffed and almost stuffed.

Erstwhile MC Blac Youngsta went to Wells Fargo to grab a quick $200K to cop a Maybach and apparently, the teller must have hit one of the 3 Nigger buttons that all business have:

1. Nigger here acting suspicious
2. Nigger here preparing to rob the place
3. Nigger here and I just don’t like Niggers

And of course he was detained with the curtesy that law enforcement always shows to Black people.

That’s right, he was stripped outta his coat and thrown on the ground in the cold.

Now, we’re expected to believe that the reason My Dude got this treatment is because the cops were really after some check forger wanted in connection with some $24K scam.


Probably the same nigga George Zimmerman was looking for when he stumbled across young Trayvon.

It’s so important for this country to be able to associate Blackness with poverty that whenever a nigga does break through all the bullshit and gets rich it’s like a glitch in The Matrix.

Amazingly bullshit notions like “overpaid” were expressly conceptualized specifically with niggas in mind.

In a capitalist society, it’s impossible to be “overpaid”, but when you got the kinda skin color that reminds muhfuccas that you used to do a whole lotta work and get paid for it absolutely zilch, they come up with shit like that.

Recently, I saw on Twitter how some fool had the picture of an NBA rookie, Black of course, next to that of an army grunt, white of course, and their respective salaries beneath each picture.

The rookie makes $400K and some change while the grunt makes about $18K.

The caption read, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

My thoughts were that the grunt never learned to hit the open 3. And nobody told his ass to go into the army, fight in defense of imperialism.

If they wanted to make a more sympathetic point, they could have put the pic of that NBA rookie next to the pic of a teacher or some shit.

Then again, considering the bullshit they teach us in school…

But, back to the point: I’m never one to either criticize for or suggest what to do with the loads of cash that any nigga manages to come up on.

Haters from a distance might think how they would open laundromats with that same $200K, but trust, when you do get yours, the last thing in the world you want is somebody telling you what to do with it.

Personally, I still think I might head to back to the Motherland; find Frank Matthews, see what the fuck he’s been up to.

At least a rich nigga’s not such an oddity over there.

I’d get the accent and everything too.

I remember when I met Stokley Carmichael back in the 80’s, Bronx dude that he was, and he had an accent.

I was like, does this nigga really expect me to believe he’s from Africa?

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