OJ Simpson: For the LAST Time

UNITED STATES - CIRCA 1974: c. 1974, California, Los Angeles, O.J. Simpson L-R: Simpson; Daughter Arnelle; Son Jason;Wife Marguerite (Whitley) Simpson. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

The thing that too many white people never seemed to understand was that it didn’t really matter to most niggas whether or not OJ Simpson was actually guilty, we just wanted to see whether or not he’d be found guilty.

For old-school Black people like my moms and grandmoms, he was already guilty of the crime that Chris Rock joked about which was, “Shouldn’t have been messin’ with them white women.”

For those types, OJ was over when he left his beautiful Black wife and family for a blonde, do-nothing cocktail waitress.

So whatever with killing the bitch. That was just incidental.

And many white people can’t front either. They felt the same way. You think they wouldn’t have rode for Nicole if she was just some random chick that some random Black lunatic had stumbled across and murdered? You think the Klan and White Supremacist and the like are that pussy that they could let a nigga walk off cavalierly into the sunset knowing that he’d drawn blood from a Flower of Virtue?

nicole brown

Shit no!

That bitch had to be an example.

White womens everywhere: u go fuccin wit dem nigras, we can’t (and won’t) protect you!

What happened to Nicole Brown Simpson was better than public service announcement for them nuts.

So, realistically, nobody thought OJ Simpson was innocent of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, nobody ever did, nobody ever will, the only people that possibly felt the genuine shaft of law enforcement and the court system were the Brown and Goldman families and white feminist everywhere.

I’d been on the fence about even caring until I’d heard that Nicole had let her then-boyfriend, Ron Goldman, drive OJ’s Cadillac. Then I knew he did it.

Bitch, I don’t care if you catch me in a three-some with your mama, your best friend and the family dog is licking my toes, don’t you never let another muhfucca – particularly a white muhfucca – push my muhfuccin’ Cadillac!

If there was anything at all to be gained from the OJ Simpson murder case and subsequent trial other than the absolute virtuosity of then-moderately known lawyer Johnnie Cochran and the vicarious subsequent emergence of the Kardashian family, it’s just how fucking starved Black people are for anything resembling a Black man actually winning in the courts that we would pick up the mantle for a loser like The Juice.

In the end, OJ didn’t even realistically consider himself Black, but niggas have a soft spot for the disillusioned, especially if they happen to look like us, and we defended him as if something was at stake far greater than the fact that he’d simply snapped and killed the white bitched he’d glo’d up with The Ring when he should have just been dicking her down at the telly.

And now, years later and years after they finally found some other shit to convict this dickhead on, the question becomes: was it worth it?

I mean, Jesus; the list of more worthy candidates for justice is so long that it makes the heart drop just to read it again.

And we all know the names, we all know the situations; if I say Tamir, Trayvon, Sandra, Eric you know how long I could go on and that would be forever, new names being added as I went.

So, like Slaves’ Christmas, we got shown a little injustice-America-style at the expense of one expendable Nigger-loving white girl after 400 years and now we’re supposed to be quiet for the next 400?

No thanks.

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