#OscarBoycott and Other Silly Ideas

Molina, Genaro –– – BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JUNE 6, 2009 –– Actress Jada Pinkett Smith stars in the new TNT original series, "Hawthorne." She was photographed at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills on June 6, 2009.


Y’all gon make me join the Klan.

I’ma be right behind Dave Chappelle’s character from Undercover Brother.

If it wasn’t so much that I agree with Malcolm when he went on his rant about the foolishness of “boycotting and picketing” some cracker somewhere for a job when you could just as easily build your own businesses, I’d hate you niggas.

And now you wanna get Chris Rock to step down as host? Take food outta that nigga’s mouth?

Shiii, you know he got alimony coming up. Child support payments.

Y’all gon put any of them babies through school?

I thought not.

The main thing about art is that is open to interpretation. It is the direct antithesis of, say, sports where there are clear winners and losers.

And if muhfuccas wanna give awards to who they think is the best then I say g’head and let em.

After 400 years, you would imagine that Black people would know by now that white interpretation of Black art is limited by white folks’ inability to understand anything that’s not a mirror.

You’d think we’d also know to almost completely ignore their opinions while learning to cherish and respect our own.

They are their own heroes; why are we not ours?

And as a fan of movies overall, I can say honestly that everybody gets jerked by the Oscars.

If I were to make a list of the biggest ripoffs in Oscar history, there’d probably just as many whites that I felt deserving as Blacks.

But now, ostensibly because Jada Pinkett-Smith feels her husband Will got ripped off for his role in the movie Concussion, all Black people should come together to support her boycott?

Baby, that ain’t “activism” that’s wacktivism.

Jada should know firsthand that one of the three best male acting performances in movie history that didn’t even garner as little as an Oscar nomination was turned in by Larenz Tate in Menace II Society; a movie that she co-starred in.

Where was her boycott then?

And what’s way fucked up is niggas choice of the boycott format, of all things, Dr. King’s holiday being so close and all.

Nigga, Dr. King used boycotting as an economic sanction to get niggas the exact same respect for the same money spent.

We can’t sit where we want to on the bus? Fine. We won’t take the bus. Eat a dick.

Worked like a charm too.

Muhfuccin bus company went so broke, they came back begging niggas.

Shit Niggers, we’ll let you drive the bus! Just get back on the muhfucca, please!

And where is the lesson learned?

Shit, if being patted on the head by a cracker is so important to you that you’d forge a boycott, don’t boycott the Academy Award ceremony, boycott white movies themselves.

Be like Dr. King and take your money away.

It’s bad enough that if this stupid ass boycott is successful, a future-winning nigga won’t be able to say proudly that he genuinely earned an Oscar and will instead have to deal with snarky suggestions like the notion that he’s an Affirmative Action Oscar winner.

Meanwhile, if you wholesale reject the notion of things like Oscars as important, watch how quickly they start throwing them shits at you.

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