Do You Know What a “Cuck” Is?


When you’re a pseudo-intellectual like me, you find yourself in some fuckin strange circles!

And this one time, some years back, I found myself in an internet group surrounded by niggas that all loved white girls.

Me and my Black bitch-lovin ass, was the odd man out.

So you know what I did; I politicized my shit.

“You niggas,” my rant began, “don’t get it. The tide be turnin. Pretty soon, the white skin y’all put such a premium on ain’t gon be worth the flesh its stamped across. And as white supremacy ends, and white people lose value for everything including themselves, dark skin will become the new standard. The darker the better.”

And even tho, at the time, I was just talkin shit, turns out I was Jay-Z’s stuck clock and this would be one of the two times in each day, that I’d be right.

Now, I’m never gonna post porn on Never. Not even links.

I got a personal problem with porn, and unlike Sam “May Day” Malone, the fictional alcoholic that owned the bar in Cheers, I don’t think it’s cool to push on people some shit you know you can’t handle yourself.

However, I will tell you that if you Google “cuck porn” and click on the video tab, you’ll see all you need to see.

Now, in its simplest etymology, a “cuckold” is a man with a cheating wife.

The race and color of the man, his wife, or the man she cheats with are inconsequential.

Conceptually, of course – and there have been far more extensive studies done by far better writers and theorist than me – “cuck” pornography focuses on the fetish for and desire to control the Black male body.

In other words, white men are the activating agents in the process of their wives getting schlonged by some niggas with some mean cocks.

And look at the stats on porn viewings by the numbers: cuck porn is scoring like Wilt Chamberlain in his 3rd season (unintentional double-entendre)!

Of course, my old porn junkie self couldn’t wrap my mind around that shit. I needed some extensive research, led off by the late, great Dr. Frances Cress Welsing to understand that it really was all about control and that while yes, white male homoerotic impulses were involved, the main “kick” of the shit was the vicarious thrill of fucking a white woman with a big Black dick.


But here’s my point: and please don’t think all that shit I wrote before has anything to do with it; now that white supremacy is officially over, what we’re witnessing is something similar to Super Bowl winners and losers partying together.

And back to Hov’s stuck clock, this is that rare occurrence when even White Supremacist are right on time.

There really is an agenda underway to get white girls to chase Black dick!

I mean, I don’t wanna be as crazy as them white boys who go all hard into The Force Awakens symbolism, but if on every vine you see white girls Milly Rocking and Dabbing, you hafta wonder why?

I mean, don’t get me wrong: I too would be paranoid about the future if my people had as many crimes against humanity ascribed to them as white folks, to the point where even I might be tryna blend in with niggas and saying, “Who me? Nah. I’ve always been Black”, but white people should relax.

We’re all gonna be here till it’s over.

And just cause y’all ain’t driving no more, don’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride.

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