Poisoning Black People and Other Historical Tendencies


My pops is so old school he thinks he’s current.

I can remember this one time, “schooling” me as he always considers himself doing, he threw on this Gil Scott-Heron joint.

Before this particular visit, he’d already played “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” so what I was expecting was maybe some song about how to get tickets.

But nah, he didn’t play anything like that. He played some joint called “We Almost Lost Detroit.”

Da Fuq is this song about?” I protested. I musta been about 10.

“It’s about how the government almost let a nuclear meltdown destroy Detroit,” he said simply.

“Why would they do that?”

“Too many niggas.”

Of course, the effect of this information was like getting slapped equally hard on both cheeks at the same time.

I felt that what my pops had said was both impossible and totally possible all at once.

Would the government sacrifice one of its own, very productive – chief automaker, for Christ’s sake – cities?


Did the government hate Niggers?


I knew this even then.

So by the time that I was young, ripe, fine and headed off to my HBCU, conspiracy-level shit, particularly the shit that was against Blacks, was old hat.

Upon hearing that the then-apartheid government of South Africa was using slow killing poisons and fertility destroyers – a technique they’d been rumored to have picked up from their American compatriots – to keeps both tabs and limits on its Black population, I wasn’t surprised.

The method was allegedly cheap sodas, “quarter waters” and such. I wasn’t too worried. I never drank that shit no way.

And naturally if we’re gonna get to the root of Black paranoia about our own American government, there’s only two words I ever need to write for any nigga who knows anything to know where I’m going, what I’m saying and what I mean: Tuskegee Experiment.

And no, I never bought that bullshit about how they were just giving those poor brothers syphilis so they could “study the effects of the disease.” They knew what they were doing.

And yes, I think this kinda experimentation was a precursor for AIDS.

So when here, now, on January 23, 2016 we as a nation stand confronted with the knowledge and understanding that not only has the predominantly Black city of Flint, Michigan been poisoned with heavily leaden drinking water but that this poisoning has been going on a long time and it’s been know about for just as long, you almost began to wish the brothers and sisters of Flint were tsunami victims halfway across the world because we’d sure as shit have had helicopters full of supplies over there within the very first 24 hours.

Is this a conspiracy?

What do you think?

But let’s not be too Black about it to the point that we think we’re the exclusive victims of all things evil, corrupt and sadistic.

If America had a movie trailer, it would start with a voiceover going, “From the country that brought you 9/11…

Capitalistic Western Civilization fucks everybody up.

It’s just that niggas are where they run their practice.

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