How Jay-Z Got Beyonce and Other Dating Tips


PUAs or Pick Up Artists knew exactly what Hov was doing when he issued such an obvious dis in the direction of young Ms. Knowles.

If you’re not familiar with said dis, lets backtrack: Hov got 16 on Missy Elliot’s “One Minute Man (remix)“, but instead of defending himself against charges of being a “minute man” or quick ejaculator, he defended being a minute man arguing that he was trying to “hit you and quit you in the middle of the round like Roberto Duran” and including the classic and very pointed verse “get yo independent ass outta here/question.”

Interesting aside, I once heard from a girl that talked too much that a chick she knew had actually fucked Hov and he really was a minute man.

Initially, I was confused until I thought about it.

Like all true sports fans, this guy’s probably a bit of a stats geek.

Therefore, there was possibly a number he was shooting for (1000? 2000? 10,000? shiii, they say Wilt Chamberlain did 20K), and this being the case, his true goal would be accomplished the second he put it in.

Now beat it, bitch. Why should I fuck you worth a damn? Try to impress you? Make you cum?


Personally, I’m not justifying.

Just saying…

Back: now anybody that remembers anything about pop music from that era remembers that the Beyonce-led Destiny’s Child had an absolute smash hit with the song “Independent Woman” featuring the repeated refrain “question”.

So why was Hov taking such an obvious shot at the woman who would be Queen?

Well, he was issuing with PUAs like those Neil Strauss chronicled in his book The Game like to call a ‘neg’.

A neg is the opposite of a compliment. It’s supposed to work on a woman’s insecurities.

And the logic is, the badder the bitch, the more susceptible she is to it.

So as opposed to gathering a compliment and lumping you in with the rest of the herd she’s immediately lost interest in, now she’s intrigued as to how a seemingly straight man could have the audacity to insult her.

Also since, like it or not, it seems to be the very nature of a woman to try to change a man, if you start off as a nice guy, what would giving you the pussy do to you?

Make you not nice?

However, if you start off as an asshole…

Another shrewd maneuver is boldness.

50 Cent used this technique on Vivica Fox from the podium at the 2003 BET Awards.

Publicly “thanking” her for wearing a dress in front of the whole BET Awards crowd not to mention a worldwide audience tuning in was not the stuff of chumps.

The movie Almost Famous misquotes Goethe, having him say, “Be bold, the mighty forces will come to your aid”, when the real quote is this by Basil King, “Go at it boldly and you will find unexpected forces closing round you and coming to your aid.”

Either way, play to win.

The third method is to wait.

This is for the friend-zoned hoping for a break.

And while it could actually pay off like it did for Kanye West who allegedly fell for Kim Kardashian back when she was still cork soaking for various, the only other time I can think of this particular method being a success was in Marquez’ Love in the Time of Cholera.

He waited for her till they were in their 70s.

So if you’re in a bit more of a hurry, you may want to go with one of the other two options.

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