What They See When They See Cam


Distinguished and renowned scholar that I’m is, I distinctly remember my reaction to reading that Jack Johnson, first ever Black heavyweight champion, used to wrap his penis before facing white opponents.

“Da fuq?” would be too mild.

And don’t get me wrong, borderline infantile though I was, I got it.

How could you beat that big, gorilla-Nigger when you couldn’t take your eyes off his dick?

Anything for a psychological advantage, I guess.

Of course, reactions to Johnson were mixed, pretty much along racial lines: niggas cheered him, whites hated him.

There were riots and lynchings whenever that nigga won.

And the fact that Johnson had more than a bit of a thing for white women, well, that didn’t help either.

Sports fans yap about how they outlawed the dunk in college basketball to slow Alcindor and how they widened the lane in the NBA to give Chamberlain more trouble, but they actually enacted Federal law because of that nigga Jack Johnson.

The Mann Act was created – and eventually Johnson would be both charged with it and convicted of violating it – to prohibit the interstate transport of white women for immoral purposes.

And what’s more immoral for a white girl…?

Nevermind that Johnson actually married them hoes.

Cam Newton ain’t into white girls and lynching is a lot more rare, but those are about the only differences in the climate that the young Carolina Panthers star quarterback has managed to create just by being so fuccin good.

Listen to the reasons muhfuccas give for hating him:

1. His end zone celebrations; like Aaron Rogers simply returns the ball to the refs.
2. His arrogant enthusiasm; like Gronk keeps a low player profile.
3. He’s cocky; like Joe Namath never walked the earth.

Muhfuccas have gone outta their way to make up bullshit, racist excuses for Black dominance in sports from niggas being closer to the animal family to “fast twitch muscles” and other such nonsense, but the truth is probably way simpler than they’d like to admit.

The field of play has been perhaps the only place where Blacks and whites could compete more or less evenly so niggas, having few other real options, were absolutely driven to exceed.

Don’t think muhfuccas ain’t realize we could do it, neither. Never forget, they wouldn’t let a nigga play Major League Baseball till 1947.

And don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind that muhfuccas hate Cam Newton cause he’s Black.

Shiii, 1/2 the reason I hated Larry Bird was cause he was white. The other 1/2, of course, was cause I’m a Knicks fan and he played for the Celtics. If the Celtics had traded his ass to the Knicks, he’d have been my favorite player.

And that’s the problem I have with too many white Cam Newton haters. Their shit goes beyond sports. It makes them irrational. They act like they’d still dislike him if he played for their teams which is completely insane cause there’s only one team in football that can still argue that they’d rather have their own quarterback than Cam and that’s the Denver Broncos and even that argument should fail by the end of Super Bowl Sunday.

Either way, try not to riot and lynch.

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