When Rob Marries Blac Chyna Kris’ll Be Pissed


“The man who finds his true wife has found his mother”

Camile Pagila

It amazes me that so many people- so many women, in fact – were calling Blac Chyna’s power move to get with Rob Kardashian “petty”.

Personally, I can’t think of anything lower than a dude that would leave his baby-mom for some next chick; some teenager, and not because the baby-mom, you know, set him on fire, fucked his whole team, killed the baby in cold blood.

Being Black, I’m always down with a reactionary.

Don’t tell me how I should respond to some fucked up shit you did.

You started it with the fucked up shit, now my response can run the gamut.

So when Tyga, who, quite frankly, is not on my A-tier of MCs anyway, left baby-mom Blac Chyna to get with what has become every MC’s favorite luxury item, a Kardashian/Jenner, I, bitch that I am, sided with the woman scorned.

And while her response could have ranged from throwing the pussy at anybody, to aiming it directly at his friends, the reason I’m not a woman is clear by the fact that her target was more ingenious than one that I could have ever imagined.

Guess Who’s Comin’ to Dinner, nigga?

And I am not the dude that frowns on Black women getting with non-Black men. Not in this day and age. Not, unless of course, when I’m passing, she gives me a look.

Then it’s bitch, please.

But I understand.

The average Black dude that gets with a white girl has such a warped perspective that he actually expects Black women to wind up with nobody.

He doesn’t mind so much when they’re with Black men, but he amazingly and preposterously actually seems offended when he sees them with white men.

In his heart of hearts I’m thinking he would just as soon have all Black women waiting around, just in case his thing with his white woman fails.

Not that he would ever choose a Black woman – if his current white chick failed he’d move right along to another white chick – but almost as maybe an eternal limbo or punishment for some slight or misdeed so long buried in his subconscious that you’d have to summon Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Imhotep, W.E.B. Dubois and Jesus all back from the dead just to be able to interpret it.

So g’head Blac Chyna, do your thing. I rock with you.

The one problem you might have – and this is more than a might, it’s an actual likely – is with Kris Jenner.

One of the reasons I think so many Black moms have a problem with seeing their sons with white girls and other non-Blacks is because those moms see their son’s choices as a rejection of themselves.

Were they not good enough?

And I’m not silly enough to ignore the fact that Kris Jenner actually seems to farm out her daughters to Black men, but a son’s a whole other ballgame.

Like I wrote in my post about how Black fathers of biracial children seem to let their sons rock any which way but make damn sure their daughters get with Black men, Kris is likely mortified that her boy ain’t take on a lady closer to her own image.

If that’s the case, she should consider the alternative, best summed up in this Paglia quote:

“Male homosexuality may be the most valorous of attempts to evade the femme fatale…

Too late for that.

But Kris don’t despair: now that there’s a baby on the way, there’ll be even more Kardashians!

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