Inferior Rappers and Other Bullshit Kanye Has to Deal With

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I know it seems like I hate Kanye but I really don’t.

Dude has too much talent, and I think it’s made him crazy.

But if Moneyball logic is at all right and if you can judge a man’s confidence by how hot his girl/wife is, then Kanye’s situation is a little difficult to call.

Nobody with eyes can front on Kim Kardashian’s hotness.

And I’d be the last to judge based on “track record”, “body counts” or some other such nonsense, but from that Moneyball perspective, Kanye’s rare talent absolutely demands a rare girl.

And here I go, like any other clown, slut-shaming a girl I ain’t fuck, I know, but the sad likelihood is, if Kanye hadn’t come along, Kim would be in yet another high profile relationship.

That being the case, Kanye better stay on his grind cause if his profile ever diminishes…

Simply however, he made bitch move bashing Amber Rose.

I’ve got exes that have fucked everybody on earth and you’d never hear a negative peep about them from me.

That’s just some grown man shit, and I thought everybody knew to be on it.

Wiz Khalifa was probably high as fuck, making an observation that had just dawned on him yet he took it to be as profound as the Divine Word of God – like all high people do – and he tweeted.

Kanye snapped about something that realistically, he shouldn’t have taken as an insult; the high ramblings of an inferior talent, and besides, dude, Max B is known for the term “wavy”, so to change the name of your upcoming album from Swish to Waves will raise some eyebrows, and Kanye took to Twitter in a rage, bashing Wiz, bashing his own ex and Wiz’s ex-wife and baby-mom, Amber Rose, and pretty much making things look like he had a backlash of anger stockpiled and a reserve of hostility to get out.

Then of course, as its inescapable in America, there’s the whole “interracial relationship” between Kanye and Kim issue.

The only reason I personally see that as problematic is cause as a nigga that don’t fuck with white girls, if I ever did get with one, I’d need to be as particular to her as she’d be to me.

In other words, if by chance I do ever get with Rachel McAdams and hafta be like, “Black women: I’m sorry, I’ll catch y’all next lifetime”, it would be because as far as I knew, she’d never fucked with a Black guy.

In other, other words, since I’d be making such an exception, she’d hafta be too.

Before Kim, Kanye was known for dating Black girls exclusively.

Before Kanye, Kim was known for… well, that’s not important.

The point is, maybe it’s the pressure.

Kanye’s clothing line is a flop, his 2020 bid for the presidency seems doomed to be taken as nothing but a joke, and his last album, Yeezus, sucked so much ass that if Christ has been on the cross when he’d heard it, he’d have pulled the spikes outta his wrists and his feet and thew them at that nigga.

Still, I sympathize.

I know how it feels to both be at the bottom and up against the wall.

That feeling made me start this blog.

It was my best decision.

And out of genuine love for that nigga Kanye I’m hoping Waves ends up being a tsunami.

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