#WhiteGenocide and Other Pick-Up Lines


Man, I almost wish I was a white boy so I could chase down all the white girls that are dumb enough to go in for all this #whitegenocide bullshit.

I’d do numbers that made Tucker Max look like Tim Tebow!

I’d be like, C’mon, baby: gimme the pussy; you know, #whitegenocide.

As you know, your boy Dickie Bhee and white girls greet each other with mutual disdain.

They rarely measure up to my physical requirements, and I can’t act like enough of a monkey to satisfy the fetish that most of them bitches that like Black dudes have.

So there.

However, I have always maintained that pussy is pussy, and it would be less than hetero of me to turn down an otherwise attractive white girl just because of the misfortune of her birth.

And, of course, to tell a horrifying secret: your boy Dickie Bhee has actually dicked down a couple (two, just two) white hoes.

They were relatively bad too. One German, one Turkish.

I couldn’t realistically be seen on the streetz with these hoes, but that’s a personal shortcoming and I don’t know if I’m more embarrassed to have actually fucked these bitches, or that, having done the deed, I was so ashamed that I couldn’t face the public.

So I’m a hypocrite. Sue me. I’m sorry.

Still, the fact that there’s a sizable enough group that actually believes that immigrants are taking over “white” countries and that “white” countries should therefore shut down immigration, misses the point I’d be making again and again with my white cock (if I had one).

Baby, we need to make more babies!

You don’t think you can hold off the invading hordes?

Create reinforcements!

Seems too obvious.

And I thought niggas was supposed to be the ones that were always blaming others for their problems!

But of course, the cynic in me says “Ha! That’s what you muhfuccas get! Y’all colonized too much of the Americas, colonized too much of Africa, too much of Australia, too much of Asia, too much of India… You really thought just cause karma’s a Hindu word it wouldn’t apply to y’all?”

So relax as the hordes invade. Play D’Angelo’s Untitled or Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone. They both have the same chorus; “How does it feel?”

But no, if what these immigrants were really doing was “colonizing”, then it would be as wrong of them to do as it was wrong when Europeans did it.

Can these #whitegenocide believers really be so stupid as to not realize that the reason so many, uh, “white” nations are letting in so many immigrants is precisely because white people have altogether stopped making babies and therefore businesses, the real impetus behind any capitalist country, have to find a new source of consumers to exploit?

Did I just go over everybody’s head?

If you believe in #whitegenocide, chances are I did.

For the last time paranoid and racist white people: relax.

There’s no concerted effort by any non-white group to destroy all ya’ll.

If anything, white people should be concerned with white suicide.

Why don’t you guys turn each other on enough for you to fuck each other, is what you should be asking yourselves.

Why aren’t you making more babies?

Are too many of you hiding behind your computer screens, afraid of human interaction?

Don’t let me hafta get into Eddie Murphy-white-man makeup and show you how it’s done.

I can clip my enunciation enough that I’d probably have more than a few white bitches fooled.

That is, of course, until I got undressed.

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