The Problem with Antifeminism


Feminists got the best pussy.

Because they give it to you freely and of their own choice.

And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

How any fool could be opposed to such a doctrine just proves how much today’s man hates pussy, hates women and hates himself.

And it ain’t just the men.

There are actually female antifeminist!

Da fuq are they thinking?

Do they miss the point that deciding to be an antifeminist is in fact making a choice, which is, of course, the very core of the feminist agenda: a woman’s right to choose?

And dudes, the same type that rage that there’s some anti-Christmas agenda going on because of the more PC move to say “Happy Holidays”, don’t seem to get the fact that you can still say “Merry Christmas” if you want, or, you’re under no obligation, you can actually say nothing!

And that’s about the worst I would expect from men; non-committal, no response, indifference. Apathy maybe. But opposition?

What; am I living on the Bizarro planet?

Do these muhfuccas think they were hatched? Cause how on earth could you be opposed to feminism when you have a mom?

Moreover, it seems a distinctly American phenomenon that every group, club, organization or movement, no matter how benign or logical, gives birth to something directly contradictory.

#BlackLivesMatter started #AllLivesMatter. The Bloods only formed to oppose the Crips. I’m literally shocked that there’s no anti-bird-watching society, but I will not be when one forms.

More importantly, the notion of feminism is, at base, as rational as breathing.

Where is Joe McCarthy now that we’ve got so-called capitalist that argue against equal pay for equal work with a straight face?

But again, here, it’s an American thing. The male anti-feminists that I speak of, twisted into knots over the “Feminist Agenda” argue that women should be more submissive to men, missing a staggeringly significant step in their leaps of logic, by which I mean that if women were simply more submissive to men, then all men should control all women.

So forget monogamy going out the window, some bozo could walk in off the street and have your daughter in his lap.

That might not be cool.

Worse, if men should fix their lips to suggest that a woman should be submissive to her particular man, without the right to choose, how would her dumb ass pick a man?

Also, what if a man that was more dominant than hers came along? Shouldn’t her submissive ass naturally follow the man that offers her even more to submit to?

These dudes would be quick to argue against feudalism and in favor of American culture being advanced and evolved, they’d laugh at against arraigned marriages, arguing Darwinism in all things; social, political, economic and sexual,  but yet they wish to relegate as nil a woman’s right choose?

Help me with that one.

And I know, being a nigga and all, I’m supposed to be dealing with racism, but I’ve got that licked.

Ask the last… I dunno, every racist that’s rambled into my Twitter mentions looking for a fight what happened.

So maybe that’s what you feminist need; me on the team.

Just toss me a couple of T-shirts, and some pussy, and I’m in!

Actually, you can keep the T-shirts.

Keep the T-shirts…

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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town.

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