Jay-Z Fumes as Cam Newton Loses


It was a great night for The White Man.

Cam Newton lost and Beyonce was hanging all over Chris Martin.

The White Man that beat Cam Newton is not anonymous.

He is, in fact, The Goat.

He’d been reduced to White Hope in a divided country.

And that is a shame.

I owe this man personally.

Back in ’06, my Step Brother called me.

“They got a kid from Howard playing for the Colts.”


“Yeah, a kid from Howard.”

What position?

“Safety. He starts too.”

This was an event. Howard isn’t known for its football stars. Howard’s known for Diddy and maybe Toni Morrison.

I had to watch.

And I had to root for the then-Colts quarterback as the team charted a borderline-unlikely Super Bowl win.

Howard University’s Antoine Bethea was a Super Bowl Champion as a rookie starter.

Oh Happy Day.

And if you’re grateful like I am, you always cherish one that at any time did you A Solid.

I liked this quarterback even when he signed as a free agent with Denver.

It’s just that I’m a racist.

Shiii, I scored a 37 on my own test.

I wanted the Black Man to win.

And I justified my choice with all sorts of horseshit logic.

Because that’s what racist do.

Meanwhile, a last second curve may have saved Jay-Z and Beyonce’s marriage.

After hanging all over the guy’s neck, Beyonce blocked the backside as Chris Martin reached for her waist on stage.

Jay-Z couldn’t have been happy either way

Still, I’m happy for the Broncos quarterback.






Get it?

There I go with the racism again.

I’m worse than this:


Right on, Good Sir, I should be chanting.

And I am.

The first quarterback to start for 2 different winning Super Bowl teams has record numbers to match.

And he’d been too much maligned.

As of now, he’s 2-2 in Super Bowls.

That’s way better than having never won one.

Thats infinitely better than having even reached the game.

Good Christian dude, married, father, traditional man.

His father Archie was a pro football quarterback.

His brother Eli is still one.

Where do you start with Cam?

You don’t.

He lost.

You celebrate the winner.

And there are so many good things to say about the guy that if you simply like sports, his storyline is uplifting.

Dragged as some sort of numbers primadonna that couldn’t win when it counted, whether he wants to admit it or not, Super Bowl 50 is Sweet Redemption.

Eat ass, critics. Beyonce performed for me.

And back to Beyonce.

I feel for you Hov.

i can’t be easy being married to the girl.

She can answer any question with Because I’m Beyonce.

And she’s right.

But not to worry.

If you can hang on for another, maybe 50 years, they’ll be some young male pop star grossed out by your wife’s 85 year-old titles flopping all over his shoulders.

Or, maybe not.

The true star of the night deserves his due.

Like I wrote, he got a Howard University guy a ring.

Can’t hate that he copped one for himself as well.



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