Beyoncé, The Black Panthers, Boycotts and Rudy Giuliani’s Dumb Ass

Before Kim Kardashian, there was Rudy Giuliani, literally the first white person of the new millennium to advance a career by sucking.

I’ll never forget the bile that rose in my stomach when, after having been the presiding mayor of New York City on September 11th, 2001; the day the Twin Towers fell, I saw Rudy G’s picture on the front of a book, his trademark smirk plastered smugly across his face, the cover reading Leadership.


I was like, is he fuccin kidding? His leadership cost New York the Twin Towers!

And this clown actually ran for President with a platform that pretty much argued – and you can’t make this stuff up – that he could do for all of America what he’d done for New York.

Luckily America, Gump-stupid though we are, knew most accurately that stupid is as stupid does and chose to pass on Mr. Giuliani.

Now this jackass is back in the news, attacking and threatening a boycott of Beyonce for the Super Bowl Halftime performance of her new song “Formation” during which backup dancers were used that invoked Black Panther iconography.

Leave it to a Republican like Giuliani to miss the fact that the Black Panthers were, first and foremost, a political party and that the people who might even be simple-minded enough to follow suit with his directive, are not a part of Beyonce’s fan base to begin with.

In other words, Giuliani would be just as successful in getting me to boycott a Trump rally – and maybe even less so.

Giuliani also argues that Beyonce is anti-cop which is so mind-numbingly ridiculous that if you have to explain to somebody that just because you’re anti-police brutality doesn’t mean you’re anti-cop, you might also have to explain to that same person how you can get mad at your favorite athlete for making a bad play.

But back to the Black Panthers; sure, they carried guns and wore black leather, all well within their rights as citizens of the United States, but it’s the astute history buff that knows that what really put the Black Panthers on the wrong side of J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI was their Free Breakfast for Children program which Hoover allegedly once suggested was the number one threat to the internal security of the United States of America.

Talk about perspective.

If giving hungry little Black kids a decent breakfast is a threat to America’s security, then shit like the Flint, Michigan water crisis makes perfect sense.

I mean, ok, sure the Panthers were also sending those kids off with empowering Black instruction, but can American really only be secure if Black children are starved, poisoned and dumb?

So good luck with your boycott Mr. Giuliani.

If your skills as a mayor are any indication, don’t be surprised when the whole thing – please Lord forgive me for this one – blows up in your face.

And if simply playing dress-up as a tribute to group that realistically only had a different party affiliation than yours was so unnerving that you recast yourself as Dr. King, recast the time as 1955 and recast the location as Montgomery, Alabama, then g’head and grab one of them dresses off Will Smith’s boy cause if Beyonce restarts the Free Breakfast for Children program, you’ll need something that J. Edgar would wear.

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