I Got Your Next Supreme Court Justice Right Here

dred scott

Before we fuck around and take the Supreme Court too seriously, let’s not forget that this is the gang that told us:

  • in 1857 while using the Dred Scott vs. Stanford case as a platform, that while, sure, the Declaration of Independence urged that all men were created equal, “the enslaved African race were not intended to be included, and formed no part of the people who framed and adopted this declaration.”
  • in 1896 while using Plessy v. Ferguson as a platform, that “separate but equal” actually made sense.
  • in 2010 while using Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission as a platform, that businesses had the right to spend money and influence political campaigns thereby making Mitt Romney’s absurdist utterance that “Corporations are people” actually true in the legal sense.

Let’s also bear in mind that there are no Supreme Court requirements as far as age, education, profession or native-born citizenship, and that of the 112 past and present Supreme Court justices, 31 didn’t attend law school and 5 had no formal higher education whatsoever.

So when I personally nominate Michelle Obama to Supreme Court, bow down!

Or at least, get in Formation.

We’re talking about one of only three First Ladies in US history with a post-graduate degree, the other two being Laura Bush who’s politics – because of her husband – I don’t know if I feel comfortable with, and Hillary Clinton who, from what I understand, is currently otherwise engaged.

And it’s not like the former Michelle Robinson attended a couple of rinky-dink community or online colleges.

She went to Princeton for undergrad and Harvard for Law School; Ivy League both times.

And I know what some of you are thinking, but no, not all Black non-self-loathing Supreme Court Justices (looking at you, CT) can go to legendary HBCUs like Thurgood Marshall, but Ivy Leaguing ain’t exactly slouching either.

President Obama already had the great fortune of picking two Supreme Court justices and with the first pick, he ventured to the home of Hip Hop and took Sonia Sotomayor in 2009, then kept it New York and took Elena Kagan in 2010.

How dope is it that he can go Chicago, get another pick and also pick another woman?

Now, for any novice as to how American government works or, at least, is supposed to, there are three branches: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial.

Those three are comprised of:

  1. The Congress – House of Representatives and Senate
  2. The President – including Vice President and Cabinet
  3. The Supreme Court – & Other Federal Courts

Their jobs are respectively law making, law enforcing and law evaluating.

In the current game of political chess during which the Republicans rule everything around them as far as Congress is concerned, Barack Obama, Democrat that he is and though he’s on short time, could impact the direction of American governing for years to come by (of course) making his next selection to the Supreme Court a Democrat – which would give the Democrats a 5-4 majority in the court – but also by picking a person whose politics he can be absolutely certain of.

Keep it real; Hillary Clinton is mostly running for President now on fond memories, real or perceived, of her husband’s administration.

How much easier could the sane among us rest knowing that despite the fact we’re doomed to lose Barack as Prez right after year’s end, there was another Obama out there somewhere doing something good?

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