Kanye West & When You Hate “The White Man” But Need Him BAD


Usually, when an artist has a sideline, it’s another money making sideline. Like if a rapper is also an actor or a model is also a singer, that sorta thing.

If an artist has a sideline that doesn’t make but actually wastes money, that’s called a “habit”.

Addiction is the PC word for that type of shit. “Jones”, “fiend”, whatever.

Now, since everybody that raps also thinks he can do everything, we kinda cringe but are also careful not to judge when Master P trots out expecting us to take him seriously as a basketball player or Puffy or Jay-Z announce that they have a fashion line.

We know it’s indulgence and we indulge them; fuck it, we like them as rappers.

We also don’t put it past them to have an occasional ‘good one’; Master P might actually make a basket and I’d be lying my ass off if I said I’ve never owned anything Sean Jean or Rocawear.

The bottom line is and like future NBA Hall Of Famer Kevin Garnett once told me personally, all that other bullshit is “tributaries”. You know, the little streams that branch off from a larger body of water.

His point was, if he ever forgot about basketball, which was his largest body of water, and started getting too serious about forming record labels or designing clothes for big men or whatever the fuck he was 1/2 way interested in at the time, he would surely drown.

Now, I’ve always hated the expression “The White Man”. That expression makes it seem as if there’s only one. It also makes white people seem sorta supernatural, which is something I neither believe in nor endorse.

I mean, truth be told, most white people are powerless. They only cling to the idea of “whiteness” and are subsequently thrown bones of advantage because the rich know if this didn’t happen, regular white people would realized that they are in a boat far too similar to the one the rest of us are in.

So when Kanye spit the lyric “The White Man gets paid off of all of that” on the song “All Falls Down” a red flag went up.

Then when he spit the lyric “when he gets on/he’ll leave your ass for a white girl” on the song “Gold Digger” another red flag went up.

I’m not going to go as far as to suggest that Kanye hates or loves white people, but there’s definitely some unhealthy interest there.

The mere fact that he would borderline forsake his musical career to marry into a family made famous by first a murder trial, then a sex tape, then fall 53 million dollars into debt by chasing a side hustle like fashion and then, finally, end up begging Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to reroute the billion dollars Mr. Zuckerberg had earmarked for schools in Africa and into Kanye’s own needy hands just proves he’s drowning.

Kanye’s latest album, The Life of Pablo, is fucking brilliant; if at times incoherent, but even that seems deliberate. His best work, and a welcome return to form after the vomitous Yeezus.

But then there’s the thing about the album’s name.

Neither named after Picasso, the great painter, nor Escobar, the drug kingpin, The Life of Pablo, is actually allegedly named after the Apostle Paul of Tarsus.

If you ain’t up on your bible, Paul, the former Saul, is the only apostle who ain’t know Jesus personally and is credited with bringing the gospel to Europe.

And Europe is, incidentally, the ancestral home of  “The White Man”.

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