“Nubian Queen” is an Insult Now?


I was reading along some broken thread that started God-knows-where but concluded with finality that Black women no longer desired to be called “Black Queens.”

No sweat off my brow.

I never called nobody that bullshit no way.

I address Black women on a case-by-case basis, by their names when I know them, with affection when I love them, with disdain when I hate and with indifference when it applies.

And hell yeah I call them bitches bitches when they are bitches.

I just got into this argument the other day at the anti-Beyonce thing with, unsurprisingly, two Black dudes.

One was making the point that “Bitches Ain’t Shit” from Dr. Dre’s The Chronic album was a bad song because of both the title and the message.

This fucked me up immediately.

I’m like, do you know the message?

They didn’t. I had to explain.

The first bitch in the song is actually a dude, Eazy E. The last bitch in the song is the girlfriend Snoop catching cheating on him with his own cousin.

These dudes didn’t agree. Black women couldn’t be bitches in their opinion.

I found this position completely fucking absurd.

And I’m not just putting a cape on these dudes because I honestly do believe that a lot of otherwise well–intentioned cats might have been raised by single mothers and therefore can’t see a Black female face without mistaking it for dear old mom.

But the thing is, a lot of Black women themselves would argue of the gradations among their ranks and the non-bitches, the ones working or in school or both, single-moms through no fault of their own, trying to keep their heads up and stay positive would certainly not like to be lumped in with bitches.

It’s an insult to a woman that’s not a bitch not to allow for bitches to exist because that means a non-bitch’s efforts have been in vain.

What’s the fucking point of being “woke” if, in the end, you’re gonna be equated with some chick twerking on YouTube in a dirty-ass apartment?

Dudes fucking lose it whenever some female goes on an “all men are dogs” or “all men cheat” rant.

But dude, if none of them are bitches, how do you choose between them? I mean, if they are all “Nubian Queens”, you should simply be happy if any of them knighted you with the Royal Sceptre of pussy, and walk off – three steps behind, of course- into the golden sunset of enchantment.

This goes back to that “strong Black woman” point I’m always forced to make and why it’s fucked up to “compliment” a woman with something that supposed to be a manly attribute.

Again; can Black women be beautiful? And shouldn’t that be enough?

And as far as what Black women should be called, any idiot knows that what you call someone says way more about you than it does about them.

That’s why the word “Nigger” never offended me. And this was another argument I had at the anti-Beyonce thing with them same two dudes.

They thought I should be offended.

I tried to explain to them, fellas; it ain’t what you’re called, it’s what you answer to.

But they wasn’t tryna hear it.

And if they were looking on now, they probably wouldn’t be tryna read it either.

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