Kesha, Amber Rose & How Men Think Women Should Respond to Rape



The reason I knew that Kesha was doomed to respect a recording contract with Sony music and producer Dr. Luke, a man she says drugged her then raped her, was because Western Civilization has never respected it’s victims.


In fact, quite often in America, a victim is a foil.

You’re a laughingstock if you got robbed or “stuck”. You got “murked” if you’ve been murdered. And if you’re a man that’s been raped, you and not your rapist becomes the “faggot”.

In America, “might makes right” is more than just an ethos, it’s a moral conclusion that, from the perspective of the mighty, benefits the weak more than it even does itself.

And quite frankly, I’d be a little surprised if this is news to you and you’re old enough to read.

I mean, you grew up in a country that plays “Cowboys and Indians” while amazingly casting the Indians as villains for trying to defend and protect their own property.

You’re right here, right now, in a country that slanders it’s Black citizens as criminal interlopers, conveniently forgetting how most Blacks arrived on these shores.

So how could a woman not be responsible if she’s raped?

The film American Me already showed us the only tolerable and permissibly logical response to real rape when, after young Santana is raped in his bunk as a youth by a white boy, he immediately grabs a knife and commences to murder.

And that’s what men think a woman should do if she’s ever really raped.

You see, real rape is such a violation that it requires a murderous response.

Of course, the now-killer female rape victim shouldn’t expect to be exonerated of murder simply because she was raped.

No, women are too emotional. She could be making the whole thing up.

Instead, we’re left to imagine that the female rape victim should have a man in her life that’ll exact revenge for her.

If she doesn’t, then it wasn’t really rape.

Starting to see how all this works?

Further, when Amber Rose protests that just because she wears something sexy she shouldn’t become victim to continuous verbal and physical sexual assault and men like Reverend Run and Tyrese pretty much argue that a woman wearing certain clothes removes men from responsibility for their own actions, it’s probably a safe bet that these two dudes would counter argue that Trayvon Martin shouldn’t have been murdered simply for wearing a hoodie.

Western Civilization has never forgiven Christianity for making it heteronormative and almost wistfully hardens back to tales like Orpheus the musician who, after his wife Eurydice died, refused to fuck another woman and instead started fucking young boys.

Spurned women, of course, killed him.

With that sort of atavism surely buried somewhere in the subconscious, it becomes easy to see how today’s American male rapist of women on some level at least, sees himself as taking control of a narrative that forced him to deviate from what might have otherwise been his more genuine interests.

Because certainly, if you’re into women, one being terrified or unconscious would cause you to lose your erection.

But, like to a racist, Blacks in America should be “grateful” for being “rescued” from Africa, to a rapist, his victim isn’t really a victim at all.

She’s a lucky beneficiary.

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