Should Black Women Wear their Hair Natural?


Personally, I’ve never been into perms or weaves or extensions so one might think I’d be down with the natural hair movement that a lot of Black women have been embracing as of late.

And ok, I am, but only aesthetically, not cause I’m one of those nigga-Nazis that goes around politicizing everything from clothing to hair follicles and seeing symbolism in all kinda shit; you know, one of them niggas that spends a half hour staring at the back of a dollar bill and then the next two months talking about it.

See, I’m not so silly as to not realize that hair is just an adornment, no different from makeup, jewelry or shoes.

And while we’d be quick to mark as limited the woman who never seemed to change her style, was always in the same makeup, jewelry and shoes, some self-described “pro Black” people are quick to leap on the backs of certain Black women just because they happen to like their hair permed.

Terms like “self-loathing” get thrown around and everybody gets fucked up, the thrower and the intended target.

This was, of course, one of the ridiculous criticisms I heard of Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime “Formation” performance, that she couldn’t be preaching in defense of Black beauty and Black features while sporting a blonde weave.

Folks went on that it was Beyonce’s back-up dancers that, under their berets, were rocking naturals, and Beyonce was a fraud.

First of all, my thinking is that if you’re the type that’s ready to call Beyonce a fraud, she could gut George Zimmerman on live TV during the middle of a Trump rally and you would take an exception to the kind of knife she used.

Wonder if she was getting cash under the table somehow.

Tie it in with her Red Lobster “deal”.

Second, what exactly is meant by “natural hair”?

The way it’s described by some people, you’d think that niggas just got out of bed and hit the street without as much as combing or styling.

And if you were about to say “no chemicals”, then you sure as shit don’t know how much maintenance an Afro, dreads, or even a well-done Caesar requires.

The better term would be “unprocessed” and even that fails (a little) cause there’s a process to getting any hairstyle together.

Third and finally, if self-loathing is evidenced by hairstyle choices, many legendary Black women, including Coretta Scott, Betty Shabazz, Shirley Chisholm and Michelle Obama, hate themselves.

Bad argument.

However, I don’t deny feeling that there is a certain outlaw sex appeal to a Black woman wearing her hair unprocessed.

Its like passing somebody on the street who’s smoking weed in public; they’re doing something that’s morally right, but frowned upon by American society.

And it is, I guess, that confidence, defianceĀ really, that to me makes a Black woman wearing her hair without processing chemicals that much more attractive, gives her that glo.

But unprocessed hair doesn’t necessarily mean that the Black woman wearing it isn’t self-loathing either.

I mean, in every picture I’ve seen of Mia Love, she’s wearing braids and while being married to a white man doesn’t prove you hate yourself, nor does being a Republican, putting the two together is kinda um…



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