Why Hoes Win: And ALWAYS Will


“We Judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior.”

–M.R. Covey

Dudes can talk all the shit they want about wanting a “good” girl with a low “body count“, but the reality is, the thing about a hoe that wins is the fact that “experience” is always a plus and I mean experience in three ways:

First, a girl that’s only fucked 1 other dude telling you that you’re the best is nothing compared to girl that’s fucked 100 dudes telling you the same thing.

And if she’s smart, she doesn’t spill all her beans at once.

Instead, she teases you just a little with tidbits of information each time, telling you more and more about her experiences and her history until the next thing you know, you’ve actually wifed her.

By that time, you don’t care. You are, after all, the best and:

Second, for you to actually be the best, you’ve either had to know a lot going in or be able to learn a lot on the fly because she damn sure both knows what she wants and gives you what you want.

While hoes that are bad in bed do actually exist, they’re as rare as attractive 30 year-old virgins  or Black people with no deadbeat relatives.

In all likelihood, one of the ways said hoe became such was that she exceeded the limits of either sexual comfort or sexual endurance for all her previous partners and is now giving you a shot to show what you’ve got.

Or maybe she just likes variety.

Whatever the case, hoes are good in bed. They know that and they know that you know that.

I mean, you knew from the first time you saw her what to expect and that was:

Third, a hoe knows how to stand out. She may not be the prettiest, she may not have the best body, she may not even have the best clothes, but she will be the best at getting your attention.

There’s a confident single-mindedness to a hoe that very few other people can even pretend to have. This is part of what makes dudes so intrigued.

It’s one thing to know you gave her that work and then to have to deal with her being strung out on the D, it’s another thing entirely to know you gave her that work and wonder why she hasn’t ever called you back.

A hoe works on your ego; if she wants to keep you, she gasses it, if she wants to lose you, she deflates it.

It’s that simple.

And ladies, don’t you fucking dare read this as a knock on y’all because the reason I used a total of four pictures, two males and two females is because switch each gender-based descriptive in everything I’ve written and the exact same shit applies to ya’ll and you can even add one thing:

Fourth (for ladies only), a male hoe is shrewd enough to be an asshole. He understands a woman’s need to change a man so he figures that if he comes in being a “nice guy”, a woman won’t give him the pussy because giving the pussy to a “nice guy” could only make him into an asshole, while giving the pussy to an asshole might potentially make him into a “nice guy”.

That said, fuck all you stupid ass bitches.

You can all suck my dick.

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