Peter Liang and Why Asians Also Want the Right to Kill Niggers


It must be a hard fucking lesson for my Asian brothers and sisters to learn that they are not, in fact, white.

It must fucking suck.

All along they’d been told and all along they’d believed that in a world of “us and them“, they could join the “us” as long as Niggers remained perennially on the “them” side.

And I can’t even say I blame them. Niggas do the same shit. We literally rejoice when we find ourselves on the side of white America on any topic aside from race.

Back when communism was allegedly The Big Threat, none other than the great Jackie Robinson himself came after legendary entertainer Paul Robeson because of Robeson’s very real communist ties.

Before the tide turned on the issue of gay marriage and you began to look archaic for not supporting it, every bible-totting nigga you could find knew only one scripture.

And never forget that we proudly fought and died in every American war, even though often our troops and battalions were segregated.

So we loves us some white folks too, let’s not even front.

But now that Asian rookie NYPD officer Peter Liang, a fool so fucking catastrophically pathetic that he couldn’t even handle a routine patrol without his pistol not only drawn, but the gun off safety, has been rightfully convicted of manslaughter in the accidental shooting of Akai Gurley, a young father from Brooklyn who had the temerity to be taking the steps because his building’s elevator wasn’t working, hordes of Asian Americans have taken to the streets in protest under the nauseating guise of seeking “Justice for Peter Liang”.

First of all, Peter Liang is getting justice. His ass, let’s hope, is going to jail. And before any moron can fix his face to say or fingers to type “but it was an accident“, understand that if I got drunk and got behind the wheel of a car and the result of my drunk driving cost a life, unless my name was Ethan Couch, I’d be (rightfully) on my way to jail as well.

Shit, if claiming “accident” was sufficient, every nigga that’s ever killed anybody could easily make the same claim. And if your negligence is so obscene that it actually costs life, how can anything other than jail time be considered just?

But no, that’s not what these protests are about.

And props to Jay Caspian Kang, his New York Times Magazine article was well done, but let me add this: Ian Haney-Lopez book White By Law should be mandatory reading if only because it’ll cause you to realize that after white people invented themselves by default in 1790, there were also very necessary gradations attributed to “whiteness”.

You couldn’t just be from Europe and be “white”.

Oh no, even the Italians and the Irish weren’t white until 1924.

And I hate to break it to you Asians, but you were never white.

You were only, at best, white by comparison.

The comparison was, of course, to us; Black people: the only group that could never and should never want to be white.

So what you’re really protesting for is full whiteness; which in this case would be proven by having the right to kill Black people with the same reckless and insensitive abandon and get away with it as more “traditional” Europeans.

And now that that’s been denied, would you consider an invitation to the next Black Lives Matter meeting as consolation?

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