Melissa Harris-Perry’s Fine Ass Gets Fired AND Denied her Blackness With the Same Backhand


A lotta this shit is gonna be a rehash because I’ve written much of this shit before, but the crux of my argument remains the same and its this: you can never lose your cool.

And I know that’s fucked up. I know that requires almost super-human restraint from niggas – and yes, niggas alone – but, like I’ve written, the fact that Barack Obama has done it simply proves it can be done.

In dealing with white people in general and white racist in particular, under no circumstances, can you ever lose your temper.

It negates your position, contradicts your argument and makes you look uncivilized.

Doesn’t matter if you’re right.

Who gives a shit about right and wrong?

We’re currently watching the best basketball player alive – maybe ever – continually being reduced, dismissed and ridiculed as he sets record after record after record by people that argue they’d rather have some other player or that some other player is better.

And Melissa Harris-Perry has to know this. Her platform was too big and her role was too important.

For her to internalize the clashes she allegedly had with the, er, “higher ups” on the network over the show that she hosted demonstrated a staggering loss of perspective that I can only imagine that today’s prolific protest and boycott culture brought to the fore.

And that’s what she did; first she walked off her own shown in protest and then was subsequently fired for it.

I can only imagine the – fuck “subliminal” – extreme and blatant disrespect she was the daily recipient of on the MSNBC network.

And the worst part was, I’m sure, that she had to listen to the most absurd and ridiculous bullshit proceeding through the lips of straight faces.

I’ve long given up on imagining that people that say racist shit are making “innocent” mistakes.

Oh no, when muhfuccas smilingly say some shit so racist that if your eyes could recede any further they’d pop out of the back of your neck, you’re supposed to snap and snarl and attack.

Nothing is more frustrating that stupidity.

And when you’re dealing with it from people that have ascended to the highest levels of management and power, it can be simply shocking.

Still, Ms. Harris-Perry’s platform was to high to concede.

And if you wanna think the media ain’t mocking her already, read The New York Daily News and how the consistently make it a point to mention that Ms. Harris-Perry is “bi-racial”.

They only do that to diminish her value as a Black woman. If she was claiming bi-racial, they wouldn’t give it to her.

And the bottom line is, was, and will always be this for us descendants of enslaved Africans; we’ve gotta either hustle or bounce.

Even the Black Panthers, who are back in vogue as of late, were primarily a political party, guns and rhetoric aside.

Either we work from within the system to change the system or we follow Garvey’s lost dream.

I, personally, don’t give a fuck.

America’s a pretty country and I could, in theory, spend the rest of my life here.

I hear Africa’s great too, however.

But unless Melissa Harris-Perry has a boat, a bikini, and a very understanding husband, she shoulda simply grinned and bore whatever they threw at her.

Because just like in the case of one Barack Obama, eventually, their arms woulda got tired.

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