Donald Trump is a White Coon


Don’t get it twisted, when Black people use the term “coon”, it’s used in the pejorative.

It’s used to ascribe onto a Black person traits and attributes that so-called “self-loathing Negroes” use to buddy up to white people, make them more comfortable in their racial hatred and more assured of the status quo.

Black coons are stupid, clownish, stereotypical morons that positively delight in proving to racists that they is right and to non-racists that they’re going to bat on behalf of somebody they should actually take a bat to.

Or maybe they’re geniuses. Lincoln Perry sure as hell was. His Stepin Fetchit routine made millions; and this was during the depression!

Whichever the case, the purpose of the Black coon is to allay white fears.

Were you really worried about these people taking over?

These people?


Just look at that shine!

If you gave him the nuclear code he’d use it to play the number!

But if Black people were honest, some would admit that the only reason we detest the Blacks that get away with cooning is because so many of us can’t.

“Self-respect” these brothers and sisters call it, but all people on some level make compromises simply to live within what is considered to be a functional society, the Black compromise being one of the more drastic if only because it’s potentially fatal for us to denounce the police as the public-servant wage-slaves that they actually are, and not many of us can afford to randomly quit jobs, confident that we’ll immediately find another or that our parents are in a financial position to support us in the meantime.

Enter Donald Trump.

Now, while the Black coon was likely born poor so his monkey-hustle is all about money, Trump was born rich so his hustle is all about power.

While the Black coon fancies himself as somehow “above” his Black people and will certainly, when possible, chose a white mate, Trump sees himself as above his American people to the extent that 2 of his 3 wives have been European.

While the Black coon uses mocking self-effacement to reassure a white self-image, Trump uses bombastic rudeness and proud ignorance to project a white self-image.

And while, like I wrote, the Black coon’s main goal is to allay white fears, Trump’s main goal has been to stoke white fears.

The Muslims will take over after the Mexicans rape and rob you and the only way that you might not be aware of this would be if you’re a delusional liberal Dem somewhere in your Ivory Tower thinking that isolation can protect you from Allah Sanchez-Muhammad.

Trump wants white people to be afraid.

Very afraid.

He wants them thinking not only that at the rate the world is going, they’ll end up on some endangered species list, but also that he and only he can save them by building walls and conducting mass deportations.

You’d have to be absolutely ignorant of history pre-1950 not to know that interment/concentration camps are the next logical step in that particular grand design.

And once that ball got rolling, who could stop it?

Like I wrote once before, at that point it would be best to be ready to sew some funky new logo onto your sleeve.

So, in either case, it’s easy to see how the coon is here to work on white peoples’ lowest denominator.

And on the chance that you thought that there weren’t that many gullible and ridiculously stupid white people left, Donald Trump is not only looking to prove you wrong, he’s actually counting on it.

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