Can We Get Rid of Kobe Bryant Already or Do We Hafta Watch More Basketball?


From the beginning, I didn’t like the guy.

I liked Iverson.

Liked his story

Liked the fact that a kid that had been convicted of “maiming by mob” was now getting a chance to live out his dreams and play in the NBA. And every time he dribbled the rock seemed to be a celebration of his freedom.

But this prick. This kid for Lower Merion, PA.

There was just something loathesome about him.

I remember when he went to the prom with Brandy and how I thought he should have carried himself. She was the star back them. He was just some flavor-of-month straight-from-high-school would-be flop.

I remember thinking, “This ain’t about you, fam.”

Of course, I was wrong. Everything was always about Kobe Bryant.

Then the bozo goes and manipulates the system like he’s John Elway or something, gets himself traded from the Charlotte Hornets team that drafted him to the Los Angeles Lakers because the Lakers have a “bigger market”.

What an asshole.

And it was about how he was going to take over the league and be the best player ever, better than Jordan and, on a couple points at least, he has that distinction.

Kobe’s appeared in 7 NBA Finals, Jordan only went to 6. Kobe also won as a sidekick – to Shaq – and as a leading man. Jordan only won as the latter.

Then again, Mike is undefeated in the Finals while Kobe is 5-and-2 and value Derek Fisher’s bum ass as little as you want, true Jordan never won without Scottie but Kobe never won with Fisher.

And yeah, he’s better than Iverson.

Best player of his era.

Better than LeBron and even has a Finals appearance advantage over Duncan, who, like Bill Russell, can argue that all 11 of his teammates were different on his first and last championship teams.

But why hate Kobe?, you may ask.

Why not?, I may answer.

Never forget, this was the clown that dry-snitched on Shaq.

Dude, handle your rape accusations on your own.

What’s your teammate’s name doing in your mouth and in front of the law of all groups!

And, of course, he got the combo meal from Chris Childs.


Had that one coming.

The guy was just an unlikeable athelte, unlikeable ball player, seemingly unlikeable person.

Never met the guy.

He could be a doll.

But as a Knicks fan, would I have taken him?

Of course.

I’m not fucking crazy.

If Donald Trump could get me 25.1 ppg, while shooting about 45% from the floor 33% from 3s, 4.7 assists, 5.3 boards, 1.4 steals and a half a block a game, while D’ing Iverson, Jordan, Clyde, Steph Curry, D Wade, LeBron on the switch, Jesus Shuttlesworth and whoever else they threw at him, I’d want him in a Knicks uni too.

When you’re a fan, there are only three reasons to genuinely dislike an athlete.

  1. He’s on your team and he sucks.
  2. He’s on another team and you think he’s overrated.
  3. He’s on another team and he (pardon me Beyonce) slays.

With Kobe, of course, it was the latter.

I just wish the season would end already so we could get rid of his punk ass.

So I can start giving him the respect he deserves, like I do with all the greats, whether I liked them when they were playing or not.

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