Let’s Disarm White People Until AFTER the Election


If we’re gonna argue that Muslims are dangerous because there are lunatic fringes of Islam that promote violence and are pro-terrorism, then how can we ignore Oklahoma City? The Unabomber? The Manson Family? The Bundys: both Ted and Cliven and his group?

Let’s face it: white people are crazy as hell.

And they’re armed. They made sure to amend that little tidbit into their constitution.

So as we go careening into what’s sure to be the most controversial election since maybe 1860, should we really allow a whole race of people who’ve been known to gun down politicians for political reasons to wander among the rest of us with their mini-weapons of mass destruction still in tow?

I mean, let’s keep it real, nearly 60 politicians have been assassinated since the founding of our great nation.

And the country’s only 230, My Dude. That’s a leader getting offed more than every four years.

And that’s not even counting all the politicos that just got nicked.

That’s also not counting the wounding and near misses of giants like Ronald Reagan – who John Hinckley Jr.  shot to impress young movie starlet Jodie Foster; Gerald Ford who Squeaky Fromme, former member of the Manson Family, took a shot at, or George Wallace getting paralyzed.

That’s also not counting James Brady, who got shot with Reagan or Gabrielle Giffords the Arizona Congresswoman that some madman shot in the head.

And let’s never forget that of the four presidents that have been gunned down: Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley had the good taste not to be murdered on film.

John F. Kennedy, on the other hand, had a murder so modern that you could actually make a gif out of it which, because of decorum, I shall not do.

Who am I kidding?

Here it is:


Hey, don’t blame me, blame Oswald.

Or Lyndon Johnson.

Whatever the case and more to the point, here’s a situation and a phenomenon for which you cannot blame Black people.

I doubt there’d be a colored man among the list of any of those nearly-60 killers.

And this is why white people must be disarmed in this troubling time.

I mean, you’d almost wanna congratulate otherwise screwy white people for refraining from doing what should have come natural when we got us a Barack Obama.

You’d like to think they chilled to show the rest of the world that America was, after all, a land where anybody could become president.

But no, crazy whites watched Obama in hopeful anticipation that that if George W. Bush could be so bad as to cause the towers to fall, then surely a Spook would cause something so horrific that he’d need to be hired as a maintenance man after the fact because he’d also be the only one willing to touch that mess.

Eight years later and all of America’s tall buildings still standing, Obama’s administration is a failure in not being a failure.

But don’t let me speak too soon!

It’s not over yet, folks. Stall him out gun-range wackos. He may still do something awful. Let’s just wait.

In the meantime and because passions are running higher for this election than in any in recent or perhaps even any time in history, it’s my opinion that, as a precaution, white people, or at least Trump supporters, should be effectively disarmed until this time next year.

That group’s already mad.

Just wait till they see those November polls.

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