Who’s Right: Kim K or Ayesha Curry?


Aiiight you feminist lunatic bitches, we get it!

And I’d be the last to disagree with you; a woman’s body is entirely her own.

Shiii, I can’t even get hard if I feel like the chick’s not into it. I’d be a rapist with a wet noodle.

But the reason feminism confuses so many dudes is because there’s no unified perspective.

And yeah, I get that too.

There were loads of voices in the Civil Rights movement all arguing ideology, but one would at least think they were all under the umbrella of a common agenda; Black liberation (but, then again, what exactly did that mean?)

So what’s the feminist agenda?

Tell me cause I’ll play along.

I love women too much not to get some pussy while ya’ll are out haggling with each other over details.

And I’ve written way too much already – over 100 words! – before even getting into the core of what I started this whole thing to be about which is this:

Who’s right?

Which model of femininity for the modern era actually comes closer to the Utopian Womanist Ideal?

Because, like I said, I personally can’t have any kinda say about Kim Kardashian dropping trou (and everything else) to pose for yet another naked selfie, setting the internet ablaze as only she can and sparking diametrically opposed arguments from everybody with a viewpoint.

The notion that a mother can’t both have and flaunt the tools that Mrs. Kardashian-West so eagerly displays is antiquated to the point of being near Islamic fascism.

The only question that matters is how her husband feels about it.

One could even take that a bit further wondering how she would feel if that husband of hers posted a cock-shot on his now overly active Twitter account.

At the other end of the spectrum there’s Ayesha Curry who sparked a controversy of a different variety altogether when she tweeted

Holy cow!

Did this heifer just express an opinion different than the currently accepted standards and norms?

Where’s the tar and feathers???

If there was an internet rail to be ridden out on, then reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry’s wife would have noticed a gathering of exactly one half of the available social media feminist, who would have proceeded to impale her on said rail, tattoo “Slut Shamer” across her forehead, and then shoo her off in the direction of the 1950s.

Barely noticed, of course, was the fact that Ms. Curry bashed the “style”, not the people that engaged in the style. Noticing that would have taken too much work, I’m guessing.

Now, back to Kim K.

Ok, I can’t resist interjecting this one little tidbit of a personal opinion: seems like she’s auditioning

There, I’m finished.

Who knows what goes on in the Kardashian-West household.

Who knows if it turns Kanye on to think that his woman turns men on.

Kanye’s a genius.

You’ve heard him say it yourself.

There is, after all, and like I’ve written before, a whole cottage industry of stuff called “cuck porn“.

Maybe… just maybe…

Or maybe it’s even simpler than that.

Maybe both of these women are the two-headed hydra of the new feminism that we’ve all been waiting for.

Maybe they combine being wives with being mothers, being strong with being beautiful, being independent with being in loving relationships and embracing personal power with acknowledging paternal power.

Think so?

Nah, me either.

One of them’s right and the other one’s wrong so which is it?

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