Saying “All Lives Matter” is Racist as Fuck


Black people aren’t so stupid or oblivious to history as to not notice certain words or coding that pop up from time to time to give the illusion of inclusion but are actually used to leave us deliberately out.

Hence, “All Lives Matter”.

The very conception of this term was as response to the term “Black Lives Matter”, itself coined as a response to American law enforcement’s tendency to shoot and kill unarmed Black men without facing even the most remote possibility of criminal prosecution.

If you’ll notice, “All lives matter”, when uttered, is never said in addition to saying “Black Lives Matter”. No, it’s said as a contradiction.

And that’s deliberate.

Advocates applauded Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg when he chastised employees for crossing “Black Lives Matter” off the company’s idea board and replacing it with “All Lives Matter.”

If those Facebook employees’ acts didn’t have racist undertones, it would have been nothing to imagine that they certainly could have added a “+” sign and written “All Lives Matter” underneath “Black Lives Matter”.

But aren’t “Black” people part of “All” people you’re probably wondering.

Are we?

We certainly weren’t when The Declaration of Independence was crafted.

That fine group of thieves and con men who would rather steal an entire continent than pay the taxes that they rightfully owed to Mother England, when drafting that great document, made sure to include that glorious turn of phrase “All men are created equal.”

And of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington also known by their criminal aliases, “The Founding Fathers”, only John Adams never owned slaves and Alexander Hamilton was Black.

So no, “Black” people were never a part of “All” people, “Black” people were always “Black people” and the coding hasn’t changed.

It’s similar to the coding used in the obscenely un-American expression “overpaid”.

You’ll notice that expression is used exclusively to describe Black people – usually Black athletes – and what it does to the socialistic exclusion of free market capitalism, is hearken back to a time when Blacks weren’t paid at all.

Words like “thug” and “down-low” and preposterous formulations like “Black-on-Black crime” are just part of the continued psychology that was perhaps at it’s most honest when The United States Supreme Court tried to convince us with the Plessy v. Ferguson case that “separate” could somehow be “equal”.

I could go on with this, noticing that even in ratifying the formidable Constitution of the United States of America, allowances were made specifically for the inclusion of Black people.

We were considered 3/5th’s of a person and we counted towards the voting rights of the states we populated.

Did we get that vote?

Of course not. It was cast by our massas, though doubtfully in our better interest.

So the bottom line is this: the next time someone corrects your assertion that “Black Lives Matter” with his or her own position that “All Lives Matter”, make sure you ask directly, “Yes, but do Black lives matter?”

If they agree, then get them to say specifically that “Black Lives Matter”.

And if they don’t or can’t, then at least you know where they stand.

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