Who Hates Black Love?


I hate liberals.

The main hoax they try to lay on us since we became one of their pet projects – emphasis on “pet” – was that they wanted to see Black and white “equality”.

We should have known from the door that this was some bullshit because the way they tried to introduce us into this Utopian society was through integration.

And integration, of course, had just one entry, through the servants quarters.

Never mind that if we’d have listened to Booker T. Washington we’d have had them ultimately begging us to integrate instead of the other way around. That’s, in fact, beside the point.

The main thing I think to consider is that the fundamental position of the liberal is one of pity. It’s such a shame that YOU weren’t born THEM.

Therefore, the entire crux of the liberal position is that you should aspire to be like them.

This means, of course, that if you’re Black, your highest aspiration should be to be white. And since you can’t be white, you could never be white, your next highest aspiration has to be to chose a white mate.

This makes perfect liberal sense. This is why they love interracial couples so much. They see the Black partner as trying his or her best and the white partner as just trying to help.

“Liberal” Hollywood is why you rarely see a Black male superstar actor portrayed as having Black love interest onscreen.

A sidebar worth mentioning is that with the near spectacular exception of New York mayor Bill de Blasio, you almost never see those liberals in interracial relationships themselves.

Back to the point, nothing or at least, very few things perplex, confuse and annoy liberals more than Black people that, financial and social restraints not an issue, deliberately choose Black mates.

I mean, a liberal can understand how a poor, inadequately educated, socially inept Negro might have none better to choose from than their own people, but a Beyonce?

This sorta thing infuriates an upstanding liberal. Beyonce could have done so much better. She could have chosen a lower-tier white man.

Of course, if Beyonce had her eyes on Leo DiCaprio, the bitch would hafta fall back. Blacks are never allowed the choicest cuts.

And if you think I’m fucking around but you’re old enough to remember, consider the reactions to Jennifer Lopez’s two most high profile relationships that didn’t end in marriage.

The “liberal” media harangued her until she dumped P. Diddy, but when she cast her spell on A-lister Ben Affleck, remember what happened then?

And J Lo’s only Puerto Rican. She’s not even a real Black person.

But it’s this subtle declaration of I’m just fine the way I am by the Beyonces of the world that bother liberals the most because what they’d like to believe is that some Blacks are so regressive that they’d pick chitterlings out of a smorgasbord, never realizing that some people actually like chitterlings and would be delighted to actually see them grouped among a host of food choices, but the main reason Black Love pisses liberals off is that they see it as a rejection of themselves.

Just like wealth only has value because of the people that don’t have it and want it, white skin is the same way.

And even though the liberal trigger is usually guilt instead of pride, it tends to hurt you when you think you’ve hurt somebody and they didn’t even notice.

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