What NOT to do with that Reparations Money


Back when I was a bike messenger, I was once in the middle of a conversation with these five other dudes and the inherent backwardness of the talk caused me to ask totally randomly, “If you had to spend 5 years either in Paris or in jail, which would you choose?”

3 out of 5 of them said jail.

There is no defense for this.

The best explanation I could offer was that more then one of them had actually done time, so jail was at least the devil they knew.

One of the explanations that a guy actually offered, in addition to the language barrier, was that with him in jail, at least his family could come to visit.

This is how I learned there’s no visitation in Paris.

But it’s in anticipation of similar mentalities that I’ve always been fundamentally opposed to the concept of reparations for Black Americans.

Reparations, as you may know, are the cash endowments granted to either the survivors or the heirs of some great historical injustice.

In the wake of World War II, both the Japanese, who were mistreated in the U.S. and the Jews, who were mistreated by the Nazis, were issued reparations.

The Japanese did various things with their cash, while the Jews used theirs to fund their own homeland and establish Israel.

There is, of course, a movement underfoot to get reparations for Black people.

Black people, as you may know, were once enslaved in this great country.

This nation became wealthy off of our free labor.

So, currently spearheaded by the brilliant writing of former HBCU attendee Ta-Nehisi Coates, there’s a Black American reparations movement underfoot.

Like I wrote, I don’t think this is a good idea.

And it’s not because we don’t deserve it, the question simply becomes what we’d do with it once we got it.

The smallest percentage, maybe 40%, might actually try to buy homes and built businesses and create a nation within a nation.

The far larger percentage, I fear, would blow it all on Jordans, cars and jewelry and be broke again (and complaining about white racism again) within a year.

Of course, a middle ground would be to propose that reparations be granted only to those Blacks ready to renounce their citizenship.

Like, say, if they went to certain African nations and were granted dual citizenship then came back to America and copped that, say, 5 million dollars.

5 million a head when there are only 40 million of us is no small sum but nothing too outrageous either.

But the people that chose this option would be a far smaller percentage than the people that are always talking shit about leaving this country.

All those “Back to Africa” types would not only be told to put up or shut up, but actually given the means to do just that.

But my thinking is, there are far too many “This is my country!” Blacks out there, conveniently forgetting the American Indian, and seeing themselves as inextricably locked in the need to eventually prove their value to white Americans, never seeming to realize that a lot of different countries make white people and in some of those nations, no such proof is necessary.

And I’m sorry if my lack of faith in my people is dispiriting, but like I wrote: 3 out of 5 chose jail.

Stockholm Syndrome should be renamed Negro Sydrome.

We don’t want freedom, we don’t want solutions, and we only seem happy when we get to complain.

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