What’s the FIRST thing You Noticed about Beyonce’s Cousin?


Beyonce’s big butt cousin caused such a furor on the internet that an important point, I fear, was missed entirely.

Almost lost in all that ass (oh, Lord look at that pun) was another topic that was running concurrently, the anti-fetishism of dark-skinned girls in preference to those with lighter skin.

And what’s most unfortunate about both being peak simultaneous discussions is that some chick on Twitter hiding behind a Janet Jackson avi decided to counter the pic of Beyonce’s monster-booty cousin with another pic of Beyonce with a couple of other cousins; the other cousins being darker and cute, but by no means as pulchritudinous as honey-toned honey in the blue.


Now, jumping in mentions like I does, I had to correct this chick’s assertion that it was the dark skin and not that monster donk that had elicited the brouhaha over the one and the virtual silence as a response to the other.

Of course, because of this, my taste was called into question.

Me: a man known popularly as a dark girl Stan.

But even I, a man that loathes and detests white girls – conceptually, of course; not so much as people – am a man first; and as such, would readily pick a white girl with a ridiculous bubble over even the most facially beautiful dark-skinned girl with nothing behind her.

That’s cause I like ass, that’s my thing.

In fact, if I were to establish a pecking order, I’d take:

  1. Dark-skinned with ass
  2. Brown-skinned with ass
  3. Light -skinned with ass
  4. Spanish/Latina with ass
  5. Asian with ass
  6. “Other” with ass
  7. White girl with ass
  8. Beautiful Dark-skinned, no ass…

And as far as the whole dark-skinned versus light-skinned bullshit, I’d rather think that it’s simply an matter of preference.

I mean, I know I’m rare; most dudes do seem to prefer lighter skinned girls, but who am I to say if it’s “psychological programming and evidence of self-hatred” at work?

I’m too fucked up myself to be making those kinda judgments.

But I’m not alone. I know a lot of dudes that like darker girls. I know even more that like ass.

But even the avowed light-skinned lover, if you asked him, would likely say that he’d take a girl without his preferred skin tone before he’d take one without his preferred body part(s).

That’s what the movie The Slums of Beverly Hills got right.

When Ben told his sister Vivian that men didn’t care about the face and it was all about the body, I was nodding like I was at the Million Man March – which I was.

Really tho: if men were truly into women’s faces, we’d be a bunch of George Castanzas; masturbating to Glamour and Cosmo and other magazines that women make for other women.

The fact that it’s porn that does it for us and other body-booty-tit showcases, just demonstrates what’s important.

Don’t get me wrong, prettiness and even beauty in a woman are nice.

Still, I’m yet to meet the dude that considers himself a “face” man.

Can you imagine fucking a guy like that, ladies?

Lights turned up bright, the sides of your head being gripped firmly, him staring deeply, unblinkingly, psychotically into your eyes?

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